Hoopz Shares 18th & Vine Hype Amid American Jazz Museum Shutdown Talk

The official report from KCMO actually has a lot more info . . . But this bit of newspaper shill is nice, too. Read more:

Thriving Negro Leagues Museum can teach jazz museum how to play ball

Kansas City's American Jazz Museum started as a love song. It used to be a swingin' good time. But now it has the blues. A city-commissioned report says it's a mess and needs to close while it reorganizes. No.


  1. Hoops again demonstrates why the Star continues to deteriorate and head for collapse.
    It's not just how something is sold to the public, but more importantly, what the product IS.
    Baseball has a much larger audience and more appeal than jazz and the Baseball Museum has made a real go of it.
    Just like the local television stations are doing just fine financially and the Star is swirling down the toilet.
    Broad appeal and QUALITY, Hoops!
    She must have been out sick that day in J-school.

    1. 859 hits the nail on the head. The waning fan base of jazz plus completely inept management are the final death nails in this money pit.

  2. Yup that KC Star City Hall reporter, Bill Turque and his wife, who sits on the newspapers editorial board, provide nothing but far left reporting and opinions. They should be serving as the Fourth Estate, respectively. However, their work products are clearly bent against common sense and are adding to the newspapers downfall. They don’t want to report the news or argue thought provoking ideas. They just want to tow the status quo line and get to retirement. Don’t rock the boat. Bills to pay, don’t you know.

  3. Without reading the article, I’ll say the over/ under for the word racist or some form there of, is two. And any future opinion pieces? Same bet. Too boring, simple and predictable.

  4. That’s a good mugshot! She ran it straight into the ground and she expects you to feel sorry for her

  5. Step one, and it's unlikely that you have to be a graduate of Harvard Business School to figure this out:
    Have enough cash in your checking account to cover over $100,000 in checks that you mail to suppliers, vendors, and performers.
    You really can't make this stuff up.


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