Hickman Mills School District Stays Losing After This Week's Election?!?!

Right now here's a post-election glimpse at the impact of voting on a South Kansas City's Hickman Mills School District that also lacks accreditation and confronts financial difficulty.

Money line . . .

"I am opposed to a School Board whose members don’t have a clue. From their answers at a recent forum, they believe the way to gain accreditation is to support the superintendent and continue with the 5-year plan begun by the previous, unsuccessful superintendent. In other questioning, they seemed to be okay with the fact that “there may have been some mismanagement of funds” from the last $19 million bond issue because of the change in superintendents last spring. It seems like that’s an issue they should have addressed before hand. It’s not the superintendent who’s responsible for spending. The superintendent hires a CFO to oversee the district’s dollars. Then its the board, itself, who is ultimately responsible; which means any mismanagement of funds lies at the feet of the board."

Read the post in its entirety.

You decide . . .


  1. It will be ok. Some great "Community Activists" got elected and they never mismanage funds.

  2. $19M bond did very little to address the real student needs in the district but at least the administrators have new offices.

  3. What sad times for Hickman Mills, a once innovative, quality school district, lead by dedicated board members and administrators. But at it now look, very pathetic community engagement (look at the number of votes cast), lowest performing district in the metro, huge transient student population, failing leadership, controlled by Freedom Inc. (John Sharp), dysfunctional/infighting board - what a mess. Can't help but think the best thing would be for the State of Mo to take complete control.

  4. Best thing for the Hickman Mills school district would sterilization starting in the 5th grade.

  5. Yes, basically the entire forum was kiss the ass of Cargile and keep repeating the same failures.


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