Hard Times For Missouri Guv Greitens Cont'd

The secret committee nasty report is coming soon as the Missouri Senate wants to hurry up and get this over with . . . And here's pressure against the Jeff City honcho from his own team . . .

Greitens subpoenaed as part of investigation into charity donor list

Gov. Eric Greitens has been subpoenaed as part of an investigation into whether he used a list of donors to his charity, The Mission Continues, in his campaign for governor. The fact that Attorney General Josh Hawley had issued subpoenas as part of the probe was already known.


  1. It seems that just like with DJT all these spurious attacks are an attempt to overturn an election that the status quo lost.

  2. Dont believe the bulldukey. The gov is a good man. More socialist crap to tear our beloved republic apart

  3. Ugh huh...my governor is my governor. I loves ma governor! Damn libtards! Ya’ll don’t love ma governor likin’ I do...no sireee! Ya’ll gunna havin’ ta cum in git him from me. Ya’ll hearin’ Me clear?

  4. He certainly has brought a notoriety to Missouri.
    No idea if he is guilty or not, but the sex questions at his trial should be good. On the other hand it will be hard on his family.
    Wish him the best of luck as he hasn’t had much lately.
    If he wins at l least one of his investigations maybe that will help him a little somehow. Hopefully they won’t charge him with too many crimes...maybe he could stay in office... or not... good luck gov.

  5. So is subpoena issuing Josh Hawley still the GOP front runner for the Senate?

    How can he expect to win a primary when his most important AG action this year is to attack Missouri's GOP Governor with a bogus and baseless investigation?

    Hawley is worse than a RINO. At least RINOs pretend to protect other Republicans. Josh is a start up traitor.

    Courtland, you're up.

  6. Multiple issues on multiple fronts... very very serious crimes allegedly.
    Hasn’t had any good legal moves... seems they are like clowns throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks.
    The nation laughs as he wants to move out a decision so as to not taint a jury- yet spends $50k to influence people... he must think people are stupid.
    Not sure who is driving the clown car... but his mirror doesn’t lie.... what a show from the Governor who will forever be associated with Ductape


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