Election Aftermath Roundup

A few more election links worth a look for locals celebrating the Democracy in the era of late stage capitalism:

Show-Me Not-So-Special Roundup: Missouri Election Results: Kansas City Voters Easily Approve Sales Tax Renewal

Biz Dude Chris Moreno Powers New Sleaze Summit Boss: Bill Baird claims big victory in three-way Lee’s Summit mayoral race

Northland Politico Pushback: Elected officials threatened following FOX4 investigation into Clay County spending

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  1. The stench from Liberty just keeps getting stronger and stronger, doesn't it?

  2. ^^No. Told ya the sales tax would pass easily!! Morons.

  3. The primary element missing from this referendum was the construction of an impenetrable wall around the city to keep taxpayers and businesses from moving out. No Utopian city-state can last long if people can come and go as they please.

  4. Kansas Citians LOVE paying taxes. S'lie and the rest of the council and city leaders in recent history has done an AMAZING job of scamming voters for more tax money. The city is good at crying broke and putting things on ballots every year for voters to vote on more tax increases and renewals. Yet the city has tons of money to give to Mike Burke/Loews to build a hotel that's likely not needed and will see a lack of usage a couple years after opening. Or throwing money at Burns and Mac every time they want a new building. Etc.

    But can't hate on S'lie and team too much. The lemmings of this city are easily swayed into paying more taxes. Then after it sinks in we start bitching about how their taxes keep going up.

    The Buck Bridge falls under the jurisdiction of MoDOT. Why are city taxes having to pay for parts of that? You see, the people of this city don't question things like that. All they saw was "Save the Buck O'Neil Bridge" and then we couldn't wait to vote yes to renew that 1 cents sales tax. Makes you wonder what the point of the E-Tax is...or the GO-Bond Tax and many other funding mechanisms that in place for "infrastructure". I really think all these taxes are really in place to make sure the city can continue to hand out money to private entities for private development.

    Detroit: The Sequel, coming to a theater near you.


  5. Actually Detroit is a perfect example of what happens when productive people no longer Finance or participate in a crime ridden Metropolis. The eventual result is Little Mogadishu and Kansas City is well on its way.

  6. Only 17,000 people out of 218,000 registered voters showed up to vote, which would leave me to believe that the blacks showed up (unemployed mooches) where are the white people that vote? This is why these dumb ass taxes get passed.

  7. I live in Clay County. Disappointed to learn corruption here is duplicating Jackson County. What is it about government that infects officials? I now look at anyone seeking office as a potential thief. Shame.


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