Friday, April 13, 2018

Courthouse Cash Crunch: Campaign Funds From Disgraced Former County Executive Mike Sanders Threaten Former Friends

The legacy of another local political hero that most elected officials are desperate to forget . . ..

"Missouri state law indicates options for Sanders with that campaign money include returning it to contributors or donating it to charity."

Just a bit more county drama that will most likely be dismissed but still presents an interesting look behind the scenes:

Campaign contribution to Jackson County lawmaker under review

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Missouri Ethics Commission is reviewing a $500 contribution from the now disgraced former Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders' campaign fund to Jackson County Legislature Chairman Scott Burnett's campaign fund. The 41 Action News Investigators first reported that contribution in January.


Anonymous said...

The other person that may have violated this law with a contribution of $500 to Brunett: Frank White.

Anonymous said...

Andy Alcock is desperate for stories and too lazy to do any research for himself. He just takes what Caleb feeds him and runs with it.

Anonymous said...

When is mike going to jail?

Anonymous said...

Mark my words: Caleb is will land in prison, and may take Frank with him.

Anonymous said...

Anybody investigating Frank White's house foreclosure refinance that Mike Sanders arranged? We still don't know who loaned him how much or how Frank White is paying this mystery person back.