Counting On KCMO 'Smart City' Dividend

Startups are nice but ROI rarely rates a mention in local tech discussions . . . At the very least, the latest local biz conference acknowledges that payouts are a practical concern to local biz who desire profit and not just local governments playing power games with OPM.

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Innovative thinking pays off for smart cities, Think Big co-founder says

There's a difference between innovation and invention, said Herb Sih, managing partner and co-founder of Think Big Partners . "Invention is a good idea in search of a home - or, as someone said this morning, a solution in search of a problem," Sih said. "Reverse that: Innovation.


  1. And, the Smart Cities program provides CASH to the City if they promote gun control. Get it?

  2. Innovation provides ROI?
    Dude, 4Q2!

  3. KC likes to talk about everything Smart City. However, it’s stupid KC couldn’t be shortlisted for Amazon HQ2. Our peer cuties were and that bragging right will “pay off” for Nashville, Columbus and Indianapolis.

    But yet KC does everything’s bassakwards and makes everything so difficult. If not for the $50 million cash giveaway of taxpayer money to the un-vetted inexperienced never built a high-rise hotel before development Burke team AND the corrupt airport project KC might have a better reputation. KCMO get out of your own way. KCMO get a new city manager that can produce good reputable projects that reflect well on our city and help us rightfully compete.

    1. Your post and last sentence are far too logical for this cow town to understand or appreciate.

    2. Moo moo

  4. 4:18 you are very right. If the city (manager) could not create reputable hotel and reputable airport projects how the city create a reputable Amazon proposal? This is NOT a “Smart City”

  5. The leadership in this "Smart City" farce is the issue. The whole """Innovation""" department at City Hall is just another front for our Mayor to line his pockets with corporate cash. The worst part is the actual innovators are left with zero funding to complete and maintain some of these frivolous projects that create zero revenue. What does that leave us? A graveyard of failed entrepreneurs and floundering startups packing up their things for greener pastures or getting castrated by a Cerner desk. Bob Bennet our Chief "Innovation" Officer, whatever that means, is a former military man who wouldn't know innovation if it jumped in his foxhole. He's just using tax payer money to travel all over the world to conferences spouting "Smart City" bullshit. The whole industry is all vapor right now. At $500+ a ticket the only people making money are the ones organizing all these back-patting "Smart City" conferences!


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