Conservative KMBZ Touts Russian Conspiracy

This talk radio outlet still carries most of the top right-wing news chat shows despite old white dude annoyance at the frivolity (and fun) of their local content . . . And so, this interview pushing a scandal connected to the Prez Trump Administration is worth a read but seems a little out of place. Take a look:

Russians meddled in elections, and will again, retired diplomat tells KMBZ

A retired diplomat to Eastern Europe says it may be a while before the U.S. can play nice with Russia. Patrick Moon served as ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Obama administration. He is in the Kansas City area to speak at Fort Leavenworth and Park University.


  1. From Vietnam, to Iran, to what seemed to be a “New Dictator Every Week” policy in South America, we Americans have “Meddled” in elections, probably, more than any other country in the last 200 years. It’s like “The Great Game” gone crazy, even now.

    In the last election in Israel, Obama, sent TAX PAYER CASH to Israel in an effort to defeat Netanyahu.

    The MSM, War Party Republicans and Democrats, would have us believe that at any moment, the Russians just might invade Poland, or some other recently liberated former East Block Countries. The Russians lost the Cold War, because it was too expensive to maintain. The efforts required to subjugate another country in search of some “Hearts and Minds” hopes that might lead to a Marxist Nirvana is cost prohibitive.

    Russia is NOT invading Poland, NOT because of our missiles and our Armies, but because it is full of fuckin Polacks. They wouldn’t like it and it would cost a ton of money to stay there and pretend that they do.

    The Russians are in Eastern Ukraine, because there is a large percentage of Russians there, who, in fact, legally and democratically voted in President Yanukovych to run the country. Obama, with the assistance of the loathsome John McCain (Who was in the Ukraine Capital’s Square, as the president fled the country, cheering the replacement, proxy, American puppet.), overthrew that duly and legally elected politician with financial and military support jsut 3 years ago. Gimme a fuckin break with this “Meddle” shit.

    When I see American politicians, like Lindsay Graham, McCain, Republican and Democrat all, wailing and gnashing their fuckin teeth about the fuckin Russians “Meddling” in our elections, I wanna kick ’em in the nuts. This is exactly the kind of “Great Game” bullshit that has us now, caring for 50,000 kids who came through Walter Reed and burying 5,000 more who came home in body bags.

    The Russian influence over the Crimea and Ukraine, is ipso fuckin facto and dates back to Catherine the Great.

    If the “Monroe Doctrine” has worked for us, for some 200 years, than why can’t the Russians influence their neighbors, for good or bad, as they see fit, in the same way?

    So I don’t blame and think, that ANY reasonable person, would, after the invasions, saber rattling and proxy wars we have engaged in, begrudge the Russians for returning the favor.

    Here at home, we have far more serious problems, than the Russians buying 150K worth of adds with that little creep piece of shit, Mark Zuckerberg.

    We have, definable, ongoing, criminal malfeasance by highly placed, unelected bureaucrats in the DOJ and the FBI, who sought to not only reverse an election, but, in fact, to frame the sitting president of a non existent crime (Which, now, in lieu of evidence, has turned into a desperate search for “Process Crime”, because there is no “Collusion” other than The Clinton/Simpson/Steele dossier.

    The DOJ, The State Department, the Previous Administration and the FBI, at the top levels, are partisan, criminal and have devolved into an arrogant and condescending agents of those who would support and seek the end of an Objective Rule Of Law, in favor of “Living Document” that provides for an execution of the law on a de jour basis, dictated by the whim and caprice of elites in a Kleptocracy.

    1. And with this screed, we can safely conclude chuck needs to get a refill of his medication(s) this morning.

    2. I'll say

  2. 98.1 is part of the "Uni" party. Swamp creatures, elites and parasites.

  3. Last I checked chuck, the article was about Russia meddling in THESE elections not anything about Obama or democrats. I know that doesn't fit YOUR narrative, but Jesus Christ chuck give it a rest. If you can't stay on topic, go the fuck away. No one and I mean NO ONE wants to hear this regurgitated B.S. everyday. Face it...Donald Trump was propelled to victory buy the Russians. That's the truth, and no amount of your B.S. changes that.

    1. Actually, no, that's false. Obama himself declared it impossible not long before the election.

      There isn't any way Russians hacked Hillary's charisma, or somehow persuaded 63 million Americans to turn their back on failed progressive tribalism.

      Learn to accept defeat like an adult. :)

  4. I agree with 7:45AM, stay on topic! These threads don't give you a license to go off the deep end spouting the same insane theories over and over. If you want to do that chuck, get your own damn blog! Besides everybody already knows that the Russians infiltrated voting machines in Pennsylvania and Ohio and changed votes to Trump. That's how he won the Electoral College so there.

    1. Hilarious. It couldn't possibly be your shitty, unelectable candidate.

  5. "Donald Trump was propelled to victory buy the Russians."

    Sure, except the only "buying" was the DNC at Hillary's behest, to spend 11 million dollars for specious, salacious and "unverified" Russian lies to, as I said, moron, to support phony claims of "collusion".

    You're so full of shit you crap out of your mouth.

  6. Do yourself a favor & don't read Chuck's comments.

    He's a coward. That's all you need to know.

  7. The topic is countries which meddle with other countries' elections. The post says Russia did it. Chuck says in response, so what, America has done and is doing the same. Chuck is therefore on topic; you just don't like what he is saying.

    Tony, you call this monitoring? Comments which are no more than personal insults should be deleted. Multiple comments from the same source posing as different commenters should be deleted. We were hoping for better from you.

  8. 8:35

    Thanks for the support, but, I am totally ok with insults.

    Insults are prima facie proof of the truth of any given comment by me, or,by others.

    Attacking the messenger means that opposing arguments are bereft of truth and tenability.

    Insults, mean, they bleed, the truth wins.

    Off to work.


  9. I enjoyed Chuck's post. Learned something, including about McCain.
    If you don't like him, don't read him. Ain't no gun to your head.

    8:35, I guess you didn't figure out what I surmised--
    On Sunday, it was not just Easter, it was April Fool's Day.
    So Tony ran his experiment of monitored comments. It proved to be not his thing. So we are back to The Way We Were.

    Now try to quit humming that brain worm all day.

    I'm ready for the investigation to end and the reports to be released.

    As for KMBZ, I love their 980 AM lineup, glad we have that in this market. I just didn't quite connect the dots with Bill Grady's fine report. Is Mr. Moon speaking somewhere? One of those BZ business lunches? We are so used to a promo tie-in for every interview, (from Colbert to NBC to CBS Morning News doing interviews with authors from Simon and Schuster which they own.)


  10. It's been proven clear time and time again the Trump campaign was not involved with Russian collusion in any way. Evidence has been proved many times over.

    My big question is: who said 'BZ is conservative? Have you ever listened to any of their programming? After the morning "news" show which is mostly apolitical though both EJ and Ellen are dem-progs, the entire line-up is filled with prog shills; Jayme/Wickett, Dana/Parks (don't try to defend Parks as anything approaching Republican let alone conservative).

  11. 9:32, "humming that brain worm" is new to me. What's it mean?

  12. Wouldn't it be great if we had just one of the mainline broadcast TV stations who had the courage and integrity to be critical of the city's unending squandering of taxpayer monies? Instead they simply read from press releases. Tim Mahoney used to do some interesting stuff. No longer.

  13. I think Tracy and Tony have a thing goin' on.

  14. @8:35AM Waaaa! Waaaaaa! I want to read only comments I agree with!!! Hey Tony, if I don't like the comment, delete it!!!! Waaaaa! Waaaaa!!!!! I'm telling Tony on you guys!! Waaaaaa!!!!

  15. 10:11--I can see you are confused.
    There are two KMBZ's.

    98.1 is the one you are referencing. FM dial. Not conservative. Live and local.

    980AM KMBZ is the sister station, and it IS conservative, airing national feed programming.

    Except in morning drive, EJ and Ellen are simulcast on both stations.

  16. And no one listens to the Am stick anymore. Even old sad white guys prefer to listen to the FM station.

  17. Simply not true, 2:42. Don't make me hunt up Bob Zuroweste. I think he's still at lunch with Hearne, spoon-feeding him radio ratings stories.

    Four KC MUSIC stations had their parent companuy file for bankruptcy. NewsTalk 980 is doing well. And will be sold out wall to wall as soon as the 2018 primary ads start running; in about 8 weeks. At premium rates, since alot of PAC money will sweep into the market.


  18. Butthurt sore loser snowflakes melting down...blaming "The Russians" for Hillary's debacle...too funny!

  19. 12:50, I'm not confused, article states local interview on fake Russian bs. That's "bz". The article tag image is the bz logo. And directs to "bz". The conservative side is


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