Sign of the times as greedy local politicos want to making online shopping that much harder amid the demise of brick & mortar retail . . .

Examiner: Independence and Blue Springs voters both decisively said no Tuesday to the use tax question, turning down approval for each of those two cities to collect their normal local sales tax for items that citizens purchase online.


"Cities have bemoaned the lack of a use tax for two reasons – adverse effects to local retailers who lose out on potential sales, and the strain it has increasingly put on local budgets who rely on sales tax revenue to help fund municipal services. The state of Missouri already collects its 4.225 percent sales tax from online sales."

Developing . . .


  1. Internet stays winning

    LOL keep the big lie going.

  2. How bout cities not divert so much money to private entities and actually collect the tax dollars they are SUPPOSED to be getting from said private entities and there likely wouldn't be a shortage of tax revenue. See the unfair low appraisal of the Country Club Plaza and the millions of dollars the city of KCMO is losing annually on that "deal" for a good example

  3. Exactly, 7:45. In Joco, one famed hustler for his developer clients, John Petersen at Polsinelli, is the pied piper of CID's and TIFs, scaring local city councils into forgoing property taxes for 20 plus years, and then with the CID's, diverting the collected sales taxes to his clients, 1 to 1 1/2%, to subsidize his remodeling or building costs, new parking lots, new signage, special traffic turn signals.

    I say "his" because other than Walmart, (which won't play his game) it's widely known that he also takes an ownership commission of 15% for new retail developments.

    Eventually every local brick and mortar store might be harvesting the local sales tax. That includes the landlord for your local PriceChopper. Not the store per se, the landlord.

    Feudal England and Europe! Where is Robin Hood when we need him? The other rival feudal lord is Lane4. In KCMO as well.

    The opposite of Walmart's famous "Beware of falling prices." When you see their sign, "Beware of HIGHER prices. But golly gee, I love the fonts on your signage!"

    Glad we have Amazon.

  4. Supporters of the use tax lied about its purpose. This was not about “saving jobs.” It was all about collecting revenue.

  5. We were told sales taxes were supposed to make up for all the city services, i.e. police and fire protection, businesses use. Since an out-of-state businesses don’t use city services, the reasoning behind sales taxes proved to be false.


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