Can We Make Kansas City Vote Again???

Under the tenure of Mayor Sly James, public participation in Democracy has reached historic lows.

As election season approaches, here's a worthwhile effort to encourage more locals to get involved or at least visit the ballot box once in a while.


A Community Call to Action!

Hosted by Councilwoman Alissia Canady

"This is a CALL TO ACTION to move from conversation to engagement. There has been a lot of dialogue on social media about low voter turnout (92% of registered voters stayed home!) and different controversial votes on the City council. Please join me for a Community "Strategic Work Session" to create synergy and strategy around civic issues THAT MATTER with the goal to make an impact on Kansas City TOGETHER!"

Learn effective ways to advocate for causes or issues at the city level.

Sunday at 3 PM - 4:30 PM
The Whole Person 3710 Main St Kansas City, 64111


  1. There would be much higher voter turnout if ICE agents were not around.

  2. True, plus all the Russian bots who vote, dote forget them.

  3. Before Sly and the council people waste everyone's time having more "town hall meetings", where the same tired crowd is given chances to "dialogue, facilitate, and identify stakeholders", they might want to understand the constant terribly negative impact their regular behavior has on prospective voters.
    When there's one "recognizing an emergency" spending ordinance after another, continued ignoring of the homicide problem, constantly-increasing water bills due to lack of interest and action in maintaining and improving basic utility systems, fixed elections like the streetcar farce, even after a city-wide election overwhelmingly decided against expansion, insider no-bid contracts, and all the rest of the dysfunctional decisions and upside-down priorities, why is it surprising that KCMO residents feel that their vote doesn't count.
    Just more dog-and-pony shows as the same old crap goes on as hidden from the public as possible.

  4. She hasn't missed many meals

  5. Is this the one who can't pay for her car tags? Sounds like she needs a Strategic Work Session on life and paying your bills on time.

  6. If city workers get off early to vote then at least half of the votes are city workers, trust me I know a few and they vote no because they can’t afford new taxes. Where’s the rest of the people in this city?

  7. I Voted Stickers Gathering Dust4/10/18, 9:01 AM

    ^7:55, Y.E.S.!

    The voters have been scammed more than once, with the rammed through streetcar crap, a no-bid airport ploy, hotel handouts, and insider grabs at Go Bonds. They're wary and prefer not to waste their time voting. It's too much like complicity in lies. Not voting is a vote. It says: We don't trust liars and crooks who only care about their cronies and themselves. Voters not showing up shouts YOU crooks don't get to RIP OFF our votes while YOU crooks are ALREADY RIPPING OFF our money and our trust. Democrim led Killa City is moving toward shithole by the day.

  8. Oh No the voters! Russian voters, illegal voters, people who don't vote. Oh no! Crooks and phonies! Democrims! Repubtards! Liars. Oh no! Boring ass bastards.

  9. Looks like Allisia has already hosted her own calls to action at local all you can eat buffets.

  10. Sun's out today. Anyone posting after 10:00AM is a worthless shut-in. Go outside people!

    1. Drunky And His 3D Mini Me4/10/18, 1:50 PM

      Damn, more drunk talk. You were hitting the Scotch hard so early today.

  11. OR, people who don't vote have voted. They have selected "none of the above".

  12. @ 10:01, I've been out several times, starting at 6:00 - and I notice you are posting after 10:00, you "worthless shut-in", you!

  13. Give free passes to the Jazz Museum with each vote.

  14. ^^^^ now that’s funny right there!

    Drunky and his 3D mini me! I love it! Lmao!

  15. I’ll come if I can see Miss Canady’s titties!
    It’s a nice attempt, but pointless. This area will not change course from its slow decline in becoming the next Detroit. That’s where all Democrat run cities end up.

  16. Kansas City never had the auto industry Detroit did. This is a post industrial economy. Half the children in the region are starving and you're worried that things might be going to hell? It went to hell on your watch.


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