Thursday, April 26, 2018

Blogging Corporate Crisis Strategy

Formerly a Leawood power player and still one of TKC's all time faves . . . Here's a professional glimpse at recent PR controversy that goes beyond the rhetoric of the culture war.

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Starbucks Overreacts; YETI Slow to React | Bottom Line Communications PR Firm

It seems as if a new company faces a new crisis on a daily basis. The reality is in today's social media environment even a single person being offended can result in a communications nightmare. The overriding key to handling any crisis is to be prepared for it before it happens.


Anonymous said...

Recent WaPo headline: "After Parkland shooting, NRA posts biggest fundraising haul in nearly 20 years".

Which of the snowflake companies that cut ties with the NRA can say the same?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ none of them

Anonymous said...

Besides all they did was offer small discounts to members and unless you’re filthy rich they didn’t help the regular members much any way.

Anonymous said...

Wait till the proof of the Russian donations to the NATIONAL REPUBLICAN AUXILLARY in 2016 gets out, you'll see LaPierre begging on street corners for donations.

Anonymous said...

8:59. Keep fantasizing douchebag.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:07 keep on douching, Fantasy Boy