Monday, April 23, 2018

Back To The Kansas City Springtime Grind!!!


We start our afternoon news-cycle with far more than a handful of local information, insight and a sneak peek at upcoming events.

First, a question of health amid quest for curves among media hotties and the public at large . . .

Women's Health: Why Did Cardi B's Butt Injections Leak For Days?

Closer to home, we're checking these news links:

Kansas City Startup Winning???

Looking for lowest-cost small cities for startups? No. 9's in KC metro

A Kansas City suburb finds itself among the top 10 lowest-cost small cities for starting a business, according to a new nationwide report. Best Small Cities by business costs 1. Goldsboro, North Carolina 2. Bay City, Michigan 3. Jackson, Michigan 4. Salisbury, North Carolina 5. Sanford, North Carolina 6.

Pricey Groceries Coming Soon

Whole Foods Market Kansas City to open May 23

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -Whole Foods has announced when it will open its first Kansas City, Missouri, store at 301 E. 51st Street. The grand opening for the nearly 50,000-square-foot store will be on Wednesday, May 23 at 9:00 a.m. According to a news release, the store will carry products from more than 100 local suppliers, including Cooper's Honey, J.

Golden Ghetto Auto Culture Rolling

Dozens of new parking spaces to be added in downtown Overland Park

More than three dozen new parking spaces will be added on 79th Street in the downtown Overland Park area. Business owners say more parking is desperately needed. On a busy night, Scott Wenta, the general manager at Maloney's, says some of his customers have to park blocks away from his sports bar.

Discount College Collabo!!!

KU and MCC to announce new partnership that will drastically reduce the cost of higher education for some

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It will now be easier and a lot cheaper for local teens to get a college degree from KU. The University of Kansas is announcing a new partnership with Metropolitan Community College.

Survivor Stories In The Newspaper

The Holocaust as seen through Kansas City eyes in The Star

Journalism is often called "the first rough draft of history." The Star is participating with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to give readers a glimpse into the past to revisit how the newspaper tracked the events that eventually led to the Nazi Holocaust and its aftermath.

The Sound Of Hipster Kansas City

How did Odesza quietly become one of the biggest live music acts of the moment? A chat with Clayton Knight ahead of Wednesday's KC show

Courtesy Odesza Despite not having any mainstream hits, the Seattle-based electronic music act Odesza has quietly managed to become one of live music's biggest draws, selling out stadiums across the country and recently closing out the final night at this year's Coachella festival. (It performed just before Eminem.)

Kansas City Spring Comeback Forecast!!!

First Alert Forecast: Hello spring!

Spring has finally sprung! The First Alert Forecast from KMBC Meteorologist Nick Bender calls for a high in the low 70s Monday and Tuesday. There's a 40 percent...

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