Given today's bankruptcy news . . . Our pal Tracy asks some pretty great rhetorical questions for this town's 25-million tourists. Take a look:

Tracy: Did Caleb Schwab's family got their $20 million Cash In Advance??

Even more questions . . .

"If your kid, grandkid or you have an accident at the KCK Schlitterbahn this summer, just how much confidence should a prudent adult have that the park has any paid-up insurance to treat broken bones, twisted backs or bacterial infections???"

You decide . . .


  1. Bacterial infections?! They do not cover sun burn, both are a given.

  2. I'm sure they have insurance to cover claims. And Tracy is forgetting that the settlement claims allowed by Kansas law are extremely low. I wish she was more reasonable in her assessment of the park. I read her post and it seem panicked.

  3. Tracy has nice eye glasses.

  4. No deep pockets here.

    I'm guessing he might actually do some jail time then. That's the way things usually go for poor people.

  5. OUR PAL


  6. Tracy has many underappreciated assets.

  7. Tracy is an old lady. That picture is 30 years old.

  8. Tracy gets a hunch, quickly jumps to a conclusion, then doubles down on her rhetoric to score PR points before her entire contention falls apart.

    1) How many times has she gone off on "Governor Duct-tape"?

    When Greitens is found innocent(and he will be) and the St. Louis Circuit Attorney has her law license pulled, what will Tracy talk about?

    2) Tracy apparently places NO responsibility on the Schwab parents for failing to supervise their small child at an amusement park.
    Look up the definition of "accident" please. There was NO intent to injure anyone on that ride. And for that matter, who exactly is warped enough to strap themselves to a sled and drop...what was it 17 stories down? Reckless thrill seekers sometimes take themselves out of life's game.

  9. I think the park will be shut down inevitably. I don't think I would advise people to go there.

    No customers, no money, no park.

    End of story.

  10. 9:20, you're absolutely right--I place NO blame on Caleb Schwab's parents. And shame on you for saying that.

    It's horrifically cruel of you to say that, especially on Good Friday as you did last night.

    This was no "accident" that was unavoidable. It was the final "incident". Have you read the initial 47 page indictment of the Operations Manager, Tyler Miles? Or the next one, case 289, charging the manic "inventor" and Owner, Jeff Henry?

    Let the evidence show there were massive coverups. This INCIDENT could have been avoided, so many ways. Even the misloading of the raft--where the kids on staff violated posted rules.

    And of course, I will not rest until SOMEONE investigates the Gang of Five, AKA the unlicensed Design Review Committee. Three citizens and some Soprano family shakedown artist at the BPU and a public works guy at the UG, who sat around a table and designed the guillotine. The hoops and netting. The Instrument of Death.

    If the Henry family had not been so obsessed with getting on TV, they'd have hired a structural engineer and told the UG, "Hell no, we're not installing your stupid hoops! You invented that, and never tested it--and you can't make us put it up! If we miss a summer season, so be it."

    No wonder the Wyco DA did a lateral on investigating the case--to the AG. Who has never tried a murder trial. Because the DA must not want to point fingers at a guy down the hallway at the UG!


    Haven't I complimented you in the past and recently reiterated that I usually enjoy your writing? Yes

    Have you recently been chasing red herrings and utilizing bombastic language? Yes (Gov. Duct-tape anyone?)

    You said, "I place NO blame on Caleb Schwab's parents." Shame on YOU! A parent is the PRIMARY responsible party to safeguard their child. FACT

    "especially on Good Friday" What? Well excuse me! So now, I and everyone else have to respect your religious holidays when involved in discourse with you? And you didn't even disclose that in advance. Tracy, you're a discriminating zealot.

    "This was no "accident" that was unavoidable." Do you want to re-read that, and restate your point? I ask because your sentence here reinforces my own point! It didn't have to happen. Sane people (especially little grade school kids) don't volunteer to be strapped to a sled and flung off a 17-story tower. And responsible parents (including KS legislators) don't go to a waterpark on "Legislator Day" seeking freebies and allow their little kids to engage in risky behavior. FACT

    Something as simple as "bumper cars" can cause serious injury, yet a minority of people seek out purposely thrilling activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, and other extreme sports. Tracy would place NO responsibility on these individuals for their choices.

    Your inflammatory rhetoric: horrifically cruel, massive coverups, Gang of Five, some Soprano family shakedown artist, the guillotine, Instrument of Death, so obsessed, etc.

    If...if, you had called attention to Verruckt BEFORE this terrible ACCIDENT, then I likely would have been cheering you on as I've done previously. However, after-the-fact condemnations and finger wagging simply remind me of KMBC Sarah Smith's hectoring attitude of Miss Smarty Pants.


  12. 12:20, sign your work, please.
    You would never have the balls to say what you just did to Scott Schwab's face.
    Shame on you. Go to church tomorrow, please. It would be a restart for your attitude.

    That said, I don't have grandkids, so Verruckt was not on my radar of public endangerments at the time. I am certainly not Sarah Smith. I don't think I'm the boss of your snot, (to quote Mary O'Halloran's nine year old niece!)

    I would not have gone down Verruckt, even for free. I retired from rollercoasters and such after taking my niece to Disney World. My lifetime equilibrium fluid left me. After the third coaster, and the Back to the Future ride, my niece said, "Let's go again, Aunt Tracy!" I said "My skin is green and clammy. Look around, kiddo, for a new aunt."

    Because the Henry organization and their staff supposedly suppressed accident reports (as alleged in the grand jury paperwork, which will or will not be released),
    and because the news media never followed up when a few customers allegedly phoned their news desks and said, "Hey, my raft just went airborne---" and those stories never got assigned...or made it to print or air...

    the public was in the dark.

    Had I known, rest assured, I would have pursued it. Most people are sheep. And they give up way too early. Not me.

    The public assumed Verruckt was safe, partially because generally large structures are vetted by structural engineers, especially in the past 36 years since the Hyatt collapse. (Where I earned a minor credit for assisting on the Emmy-winning 20/20 expose after it collapsed.) The standards for building codes was changed. Just not for waterparks.

    The fact is that Stanley Dempster??? _____, a retired structural engineer contacted the Henry family and told them ten defects that needed to be corrected, yet they REFUSED TO MEET WITH HIM. (There's a TV5 story about him. The STAR's Steve Vockrodt refused to interview him when I told him about it. And he still refuses to investigate the Gang of Five at the UG.

    The STAR hid from this story for months. Shame on them.

    I don't know if the structural engineer also contacted the UG. Generally local governments are blind to whistleblowers. They think they know it all. Clearly, they did not. And should be held accountable.

    Mostly I work for free to warn the public of tax endangerments. BiState II, Big Soccer, 123GoBonds, Toy Train extension, etc.

    You might also note that many of my condemnations about Verruckt are about the whores in the news media who refuse to investigate. The STAR and the TV stations especially, not wanting to "rock the raft" in hopes of big ad revenues. Deplorable.

    Yes, I take your point about individual responsibility. Especially IF the public is aware of any dangers. It's not up to Grandma to have the Tylenol tested. Or the VW catalytic converter. There are still areas where we need government regulation.

    But I do believe in common sense. Don't eat Tide pods. You don't have to put that on the container to figure that out. Products are labeled for a specific use.

    I appreciate your cheering when you deign to bestow it. But I don't live for it. I tell it like it is.

    And I'd respect you if you had the balls to state your name when you call me names or lecture me. Good day, sir.

  13. 12:20, Tracy's right and you are wrong.

    No "risk" had been established at Verruckt/Schlitterbahn.

    Hence the public was not forwarned.

    I'm not sure if there was a disclaimer or release required of every guest as they entered the park. If this goes to court, maybe we will see it in the evidence.

  14. Good point, 1:15p. So I just researched that.

    When one has any kind of surgery, the hospital requires a medical release, and lists possible bad outcomes, including death. (Most often related to anaesthesia.)

    And at other amusement/entertainment venues, eg the Edge of Hell and the Beast haunted houses, there is now a mandatory and very explicit release form activated by the customer's thumbprint on the back of each ticket. Read it--you won't believe how comprehensive it is.

    It specifically forbids entrance to certain classes of people, including pregnant women, people with heart issues, asthma, in a cast, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, etc. Children under 12 without a parent.

    The liability waiver even covers the failure of any safety device or procedure.

    So what is on the Schlitterbahn website? Even now, after the decapitation of Caleb Schwab?


  15. Tracy at 1:06 comment

    There now! You've settled down a bit, and are sounding more reasonable, so I can agree with much more of what you're expressing. See, we're making progress.

    Let's clarify a few points:
    1) I'll start signing my name when all the editorials from The KC Star Editorial Board include author attribution. They purport to be professional published journalists, and I'm merely an interested blog reader who treasures their privacy.
    2) You don't know me, my gender, whether I have "balls" or not, so please don't presume to accurately assess what my behavior would or would not include in particular circumstances.
    3) Go to church tomorrow? Restart my attitude? There goes your "Sarah Smith" hectoring again!
    4) Disney World, sheep, and the Hyatt are not pertinent, sorry.
    5) Your retired engineer story reminds me of the fine gentleman (career FAA retired, Don?) who attended most all the hearings on the new KCI terminal. He repeatedly explained with facts why the pro-terminal forces were presenting a phony case. Politicians and media didn't want to listen.
    6) Shame on the UG, Star, local TV media...AGREED.
    7) I called you names? Really? I accused you of being a "discriminating zealot" AFTER you brought religion into the discussion as a distraction BECAUSE you were losing the argument.
    8) Here's the way it works. When you post a very opinionated article, heavy on lop-sided rhetoric, people get to reply to your comments in-kind. And after all, isn't that what you were looking for? Tracy, I know you don't really want everyone always agreeing with you, as you're too smart for that.
    9) Which leads me to the 1:15 comment, residing on the NOT too smart side of the aisle. "No risk had been established"...really? Do you know why thrill-seekers are attracted to things like "the world's tallest waterslide"? I'll spell it out for you...R..I..S..K!!!!!!!!!! These dopamine-addicts live for the possibility that they might go hurtling wayward through space and land with a SPLAT!

    Sign me,
    (Purchase of an admission ticket and/or entry into an amusement park constitutes the patron's acceptance of an inherent risk in participation. They will NOT be able to prove anyone intended to cause harm or death.)
    I have a long name, so don't judge.


  16. Good post, 9:25.

    re #8, I'm not looking for agreement. Or approval. Unlike most people, especially women, I do not have high affiliative needs. I just want change for the better. A country based on integrity. And yes, people taking personal responsibility. So sometimes I use provocative words to paint memorable pictures.

    And, "Purchase"--
    I'm not a lawyer but as I listened to our former DA Paul Morrison explain Murder 2, I think the threshold of proof is actually "intended or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN" it would cause harm or death. And they shoulda known.

    To me, the Henry family team and their runnin' buddies appear in every interview to be so damn dumb and narcissistic and greedy..and quite possibly bipolar, not to mention uneducated and unlicensed that they just either didn't connect the dots, or concealed the warning signs. That's no excuse. To use your term, they're not taking "personal responsibility"--they're just blathering " sorry."

    If the Henry family thinks that in this day and age that a ticket constitutes acceptance of risk, they why does a much more professional organization like Full Moon Productions (Edge and Beast) have such an elaborate finger-print endorsed legal disclaimer?? Because they're very smart, they operate with integrity, and they do everything they can to warn the public and screen out those should not be customers, and avoid accidents. Yes, knowing their customers are entranced by RISK.

  17. One more thing, 9:25. We all know you're a man because of your paternalistic putdowns of me, "there there, you've calmed down now". Like I'm a child.

    I guess the MeToo movement hasn't outed you yet. I was disappointed when you went there.


    First she offers up a compliment, "Good post, 9:25."

    Then she denigrates women, "Unlike most people, especially women..."

    Then offers an excuse for her bellicose nature, "So sometimes I use provocative words.."

    Then completely vilifies the object of her rage, "to be so damn dumb and narcissistic and greedy..and quite possibly bipolar, not to mention uneducated and unlicensed" simply based upon her subjective feelings. And please recall that Tracy accused me of calling her names the other day! WOW! She's an unintentional humorist.

    Full Moon Productions? That's the 2nd time you've mentioned them in as many days. Do you get a check for endorsing them?

    It's very easy to understand Tracy's psychology and get under her skin. My words have irked her so much that she immediately added an additional comment at 11:43, as she stewed in defeat.

    And what was her additional comment? An entirely fabricated scenario in which she incorrectly attributed some intent which I never had. Tracy, you were disappointed when I called you on your bad behavior.

    Sign me,
    A hyper-sexual multi-transgender Amazonian with a genius IQ, whose preferred personal labels include "Your Majesty", "The One", and "RU4Comedy", recently laid off from Harley-Davidson before being downsized from Sprint, before being furloughed from a non-staff position at Potosi Correctional Center where I was being held as a political prisoner for expressing my free speech arguments on a blog site that no longer allowed me to smoke in my own home.


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