Here's a personal and alternative perspective from a military colleague in support of the Guv which contradicts a great deal of the recent media pile on . . .

First, the testimony is important and deserves a bit of conversation . . .

- Amid widespread Missouri GOP rebuke, Navy buddy argument reveals that the Guv is running out of allies and turning to the people who helped put him into office.

- If the Guv was a Navy Seal at the time these allegations were made, his admitted conduct would have garnered far more strict consequences without the benefit of a jury trial. 

- It's cool to have an old friend stand up for the Guv during a hard time, and the legal drama currently confronting the Guv deserves scrutiny. However,  a big part of this argument advocates for the political benefit of the Governor and his continues tenure despite calls to resign. Fact is, his personal drama continues to detract from his ability to serve the voters of Missouri and even a great many Republicans have turned their back on the guy after a betrayal of trust. 

This testimony in favor of the Guv plays upon personal loyalty rather than a policy and public opinion crisis confronting the Governor.

Still, it's worth a red . . . 

Special OP: Why I’m Standing Up For Eric Greitens

Intro . . .

Eric Greitens is a good man who helped me at a hard time in my life.

Eric and I served in the Navy SEAL teams together. We went through BUD/S training together. He was one of the best officers I ever worked with, and when I was in a hard way—suffering from some of the after-effects of my service—he reached out to me. Then he wrote me long letters about how to get through what I was going through. He’d call me, check in, and make sure I had what I needed. When I was down and out he got me up and in.

It was an extraordinary act of friendship, and I haven’t forgotten it, ever. With my permission and encouragement, he wrote about our exchange in a book called 'Resilience'. At the time, we changed my name to protect my privacy, but I’ve come forward in the past, and am coming forward now, because this good man is under attack.

I don’t need to go into the particulars of the case. You can read all that for yourself. But the basic gist is that a few years ago, Eric made a personal mistake. Eric dealt with his mistake, and his wife and family forgave him for it. Everybody moved on.

Now, his political enemies are trying to turn that mistake into a crime. They want to take advantage of a difficult private family matter and smear him using the legal system as a weapon. The whole thing feels like a prosecution out of a banana republic, not the United States of America.

Read the whole thing . . .

You decide . . .


  1. My governor can bang anybody he wants!

    1. I think our governor is sexy handsome. He should do shirtless push-ups. :P

  2. Great statement, should have just posted that. The guy makes an excellent argument and shows the prosecution is a farce. .

  3. So the guy that made money off a book deal is the guy standing up for him?.....

  4. +1 Sounds about right.

  5. A Navy Seal...signed up to be a hired killer for the standing up for a lying cheater.

    But don't worry, although Greitens lied to his wife, don't worry.

    He won't ever lie to YOU!

  6. In this day and age,Never Ever trust the media. Do your own thinking and your own person.

  7. I head that the DEVIL’S lawyers are trying to stop our savior Greitens

  8. 10:24 Everybody that serves works for you the taxpayer. You do pay taxes? Drama queen!

  9. If your wife can't trust you, then why should I??

  10. ^^^ Ouch @ 11:07!

  11. 11:07 Do you trust anybody????? Why?

  12. Good pic of the Greitz! A lot coming across in that one.

  13. Glad he could help.
    The affair was no big law broken- it was the Secret apps- it was the bullying of even his own party- it was the emails from his charity that got him in trouble.

    “As Greitens struggles to deal with multiple investigations on multiple fronts, the Missouri House and Senate have taken big steps on K-12 funding, higher education, early childhood education and highway funding.

    In doing so, lawmakers have dismissed Greitens’ budget priorities out of hand time after time. It all adds up to an astonishing display of independence. The man’s who’s supposed to be the most powerful official in the state is routinely being ignored.” - KC Star
    While he is the least popular governor I’m Missouri history and is a lame duck forever- he has only himself to blame and no one likes a bully-

    He won’t answer questions while lawyering up. He now associates with the lobbyists he said he would drain the swamp of.

    Clebrate Easter! Celebrate Passover! If you live in Missouri celebrate April (governor’s) Fools Day!

  14. All you wannabes out there who know you could never survive Seal training take your cheap shots. Nobody's perfect. As an ex Marine, I can tell you I would not want to even try Seal school. So basement pussies, take your best shots knowing full well you don't really measure up to anything. Personal lives are often messy, but this attack from that POS in St Louis is purely lib politics.

  15. Sounds like a statement a paid employee would make.

  16. What a commentary on how far the DUMBING DOWN has gone. There are people that believe you can trust politicians! It's the nature of the job and the people that go into that line of work, they tend to lie. That's how it is and how it's always been. You just make the best deal you can. With Governor Greitens the GOOD greatly outweighs his perceived transgressions. Then, upon reflection, why should Governor Greitens be held to a higher standard than say Bill or Hillary Clinton?

  17. Any chance the Gov and pals could run a little OPS against teh MO libtards?

  18. It's an old buddy of his....of course he will back him, that's what buddies do. Greitens backed up his buddy when he was down, now this guy is backing him up. Doesn't make Greitens a good guy.


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