On the Good Friday morning let's take a quick pause to evaluate the degraded Kansas City discourse and a thinly veiled threat from City Hall cheerleaders delivered directly to voters.

We figured it's important to highlight this hard sell because most people ingore this kind of junk mail. 

Here's the money line from the nasty piece of literature that TKC tore up and then recycled . . .

"Failing to renew it means that hundreds of millions of dollars in other taxes will have to be raised to prevent valuable projects from being cut." 

Sadly, it seems that $800-Million in GO Bonds last year wasn't enough and 12th & Oak is making a distasteful ultimatum against voters.

And so we must ask . . .


Most voters tend to think Mayor Sly & Co. seem to have already won this election and so the overkill is either a bully tactic or a surprising lack of confidence in their campaign.

You decide . . .


  1. Not a threat.

    A promise.

    But, I guess you have a point. The taxes are going up one way or another.

    Just like the water & sewer rates.

    1. It's not a KC election if there's not some threatening going on. Don't worry, we're just getting started and if Sly doesn't get his way expect some real nasty statements from the hall.

  2. mo money...

  3. I'm still going to vote NO. This just another city hall slush fund.

  4. Love the mailer torn up in disgust.

    Steve Glorioso just appeared to me as the Ghost of Good Fridays Past.
    He carried artwork for the next postcard:

    An old copy from Jan. 1973 of The National Lampoon:
    Buy this magazine or I shoot the dog.

  5. ^^^that's funny shit. I don't know what the KCMO Post is, but I think I should be reading it.

  6. Jeezus H! How many of theses taxes do we have? And they keep coming up with new ones.

  7. Nice city you got here. Too bad if anything was to happen to it. But me and the boys can makes sure that don't happen. Just fill this envelope with Benjamins and give it to Sly here when he stops by every week.

  8. It's surprising that the mailer doesn't mention that millions of dollars were taken out of the PIAC funds designated for "valuable neighborhood projects" and spent on STUDIES for the streetcar.
    Oh, wait!
    No it's not.
    Just another slush fund with town hall meetings to make believe the public actually has some input and then endless ordinances declaring and "emergency" to really decide where it goes.
    Herd the sheep toward the polling places!

  9. So are they saying that they aren't going to continue to ignore these problems if the tax passes?

  10. Stupid shithole voters are too lazy or dumb to pay attention. You deserve what you get.

  11. Star Chamber3/30/18, 9:50 AM

    That's Exactly how COMMUNIST LIBERALS WRITE Laws and Propaganda to trick fool their Voters who are Naïve and don't know any better !!!

    Typical Snake Oil Salesman , Gypsies, bullshit artists !!!

    Communist & Socialists LOVE to STEAL your money !!

    NOITICE - you never ever hear of the Commie Liberals talking TAX Cuts or Lowering Taxes !!

    NOPE they constantly talk of New Taxes and raising TAXES !!!!

    Then that MONEY never ever goes to where the Commie Liberals say it goes !!!

    Never ever VOTE Democrat ever again !!

    Every KCMO City Hall Democrat should be THROWN out of the building, head 1st , no exceptions !!!

  12. ...And the Killa City murder rate continues to escalate with nary a word from Sly and minions.

  13. thinly veiled threat
    hard sell
    the money line
    tend to think
    bully tactic
    lack of confidence
    you decide

    I think if I programmed all your cliches into a programming routine I could duplicate the content of this blog with a few clicks.

  14. I'm tired of voting yes, giving politicians and city officials whatever they want. I say we vote no and make them work for a change. Make them enforce accountability on the fire and police department. Look at changing "entitlements" for cops and firefighters, no entitlement, no tax subsidy excluded and do some hard and necessary work of figuring this out.

  15. The blacks will vote yes because they don’t pay taxes and want more free shit, tell ten friends and have them tell ten friends to vote no, it’s the only way to out vote the blacks

  16. This is the same bullshit they pulled when the earnings tax vote and the stupid shits of KC jumped right on the band wagon. What these sheep need to understand is that KC threatens and raises taxers and fees because the citizens let them get away with it. There is no need for citizens to be victims. They simply need the nads to stop protesting stupid shit and start standing up against local government run amok. Of course teh city fathers and all of us observing know the citizens are mostly nadless libtards.

  17. Stupid fucking idiot Kansas City voters better vote no on this.

  18. Great Comments. When will the tax elections end. Ando the Corporations supporting the tax Don't do Business with them. And the Business supporting far Left radicals. And the far right. Hit them in there pocket books. And you will save much money. Be a dozen steps ahead of them and you won't have to worry about a downturn in the economy. .

  19. So two weeks ago sLIE was promoting this as a new 1%retail tax to be added on to the existing sales tax and now he’s saying its something we’re renewing? What tax is this? Not the etax because we passed that within the last two years. Something is very fishy as usual, I believe this is a new tax that they’re trying to convince people it’s just a renewal. We have to vote this lie down

  20. The only faith in humanity I have left is that only 7% of the voting public will even bother to show up. And they are dependent on various city funded organizations holding their clientele hostage.

  21. Let’s start raising taxes on those folks moving into tax-exempt, luxury apartments and cut the sales tax rate.


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