She's a former State Rep, KCMO Council Lady and one of the strongest voices for Kansas City's 3rd District. Check her out on social media presence because she regularly shares a wealth of information about the community.

Today, as Midterm 2018 election season is upon us, her word of warning for the Democratic Party is prescient, should encourage Conservatives looking to compete for urban core votes and speaks to the rise in apathy toward so many candidates fighting for their political survival . . .

Sharon Sanders Brooks: "African-American VOTERS will NO longer allow the Democratic party to Pimp The Black VOTE. Treating US like Side Pieces, sliding into the Black community once a year and on Election Years give us a peck on the cheek and a pat on the head and then you're gone. Where is the year round Constituent Engagement ? Your local staff is doing you a great disservice."

"This trend of last minute notification to the African American Community that you will be in OUR Community to meet with us is NOT acceptable. Notice the paltry turnout at your events in the Black community?"

Developing . . .


  1. There were a record number of voters who crossed over and once voted for Obama but ended up voting for Trump. This is a very real trend for the future and it could be the secret to getting McCaskill out of office.

  2. They will try to pimp the black vote again and again will succeed. Their overseers will keep the voters from wandering off the Democratic Party plantation.

  3. Oh please! Pimp and pander for the black vote is the only thing the 3rd District knows!!

    Look at Jermaine (LOL) Reed, he pimps and panders his people for votes at every turn, they vote his way and his ego loves it!

    Quinton Lucas won’t engage in an issue unless he CAN pander to his people. He wants to look like he cares when he runs for mayor.

    They are both so dysfunctional and shallow. Neither one have any leadership skills.

    1. That’s right and they won’t make a move or wipe their ass without checking and discussing things with Jason Parson aka Mr. MBE - Minority Business Enterprise himself. He so efficiently screams, “I am black! Therefore, hand me some easy work!”

      The pimp and pander trio !!!

  4. Yea, well, you're about 50 years to late because that's all they've been doing!!

  5. So true, look how Jermaine launched his campaign for mayor. He attacked Trump - because that is the black thing to do - attack whitey and attack Republicans. Now just months later look at the the economic progress Trumps policies have made. Jermaine might have chosen a different strategy if not for the influence of his hag friend and campaign manager, the Black Countess, Bianca Tillard-Gates. Shes not just capitalizing on the Gates name, but showing off that hyphen. Shes pandering to blacks AND pandering to feminists! That will sure help to get things moving in the right direction! -NOT. Hard habits to break after 50-years!

  6. Trio? Safe to say there are more than 3 individuals of color who pimp and pander their people.

  7. "Sharon Sanders Brooks: "African-American VOTERS will NO longer allow the Democratic party to Pimp The Black VOTE."

    Total, total bullshit.

  8. Pandering is all Quinton knows. If that is his strategy to become mayor I will puke.

    I thought Barrack Obama proved law professor's with soaring rhetoric and endless promises don't equal good leaders?

  9. 8:26 Get your bucket.

  10. Don't pimp the pimps----------and hoes

  11. All the candidates from both parties and whatever offices will do what candidates always do in the 3rd District.
    They will pander and promise, but more importantly they will fill paper bags full of cash and, starting with the over-the-hill gang at Freedom Inc., they will disburse tens of thousands of "incentive" payments in the hope of "earning" the vote.
    But, also as usual, the total vote count out of the 3rd will be only about 5000, costing the candidates upward of $25 for each vote they might receive.
    No surprises here.
    Just the usual shakedown and really poor return-on-investment.
    Nothing ever changes.

  12. I think you meant to style Ms. Gates as "Countess Of The Black Ghetto" No need to worry about that feminist hyphen (although well noted) because race over rules all else.

  13. Shake down , threats , bribery , slanderous , corruption , pay offs and rip offs in order to get the BLACK vote at all costs , nothing new . Except that there was alot of rational black people that voted for Trump and other conservative republican people in the last election ! More are seeing the BIG benefits of conservative republican policies and like how goes help their families do better than the shit last 8 years of the Democratic party plantation !

  14. You allz, don’t gives no money and all youz do it take money. You done sold yourz vote, so this is what you get.

  15. Every Democrat voted against giving you a tax cut. Even the Republicans watered it down. Trump's original plan was very simple, a 50k standard deduction for everyone.

  16. 1901 TROOST AVE
    MO 64108
    Owner Information:
    1908 TROOST AVE
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    How many folks name their company mdj

  17. 9:57... Please tell us who is hiding behind that LLC ???

  18. Really hope this is true. I think the community needs to look at elections more strategically. Being the backbone of one single party is no longer the best way to accomplish our goals. We need to adapt, be versatile and work with whoever can get us the best deal. THAT is the American way.

  19. we have to get away from the two party model. Even jeff roe is trying to get people to stick with the president as the projections of major losses are starting to come in. Let's start looking at candidates over parties.

  20. Politics is all pimps & hoes. Too bad.

  21. Jermaine Reed pimps white women and black women. If his district can’t even take care of their own children how are they going to say reed can take care of them? His “constituents” make babies like aunt jemimah makes biscuits now get angry about that.

    I dare reed to be interviewed by pastor manning

  22. Ha that's funny, want to bet. Just plain voting cattle. Wouldn't being anything else make you an uncle tom?

  23. Hyde Park Hipster3/30/18, 4:48 AM

    Really like it when people think for themselves. This is at least one step away from the media and the government deciding all of the elections.

  24. Does this mean she is standing against all those government handouts the libtards have been buying votes with over the decades?


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