The latest legal threat to City Hall from Kansas City's most prolific local transit activist seeks big bucks and builds off the watch list complaint we talked about FIRST a couple of weeks ago.

We've highlighted some of the most important parts in addition to markings from Mr. Chastain. Take a look:

Clay Chastain & the Committee of Petitioners file lawsuit against City for corrupting 2017 petition election.

* A government that interferes with a petition by changing its meaning in order to mislead voters, is a bad government.

* A government that hijacks a petition proposing a citywide "Rapid Rail / Electric Bus / Bikeway" transit system (with specific routes and stops identified) and distorts it into an ambiguous poorly-written plan to build "one or more extensions to the (City's) streetcar system," is a bad government.

* A government that cannot get CITYWIDE voters to approve its own plan for expanding the streetcar system and thus resorts to seizing and exploiting a petition from the people to do so, is a bad government.

* A government that misuses its own legal department to try and escape its illegitimate legislative acts of malfeasance by claiming the City is protected by the doctrine of sovereign immunity, etc., is a particularly bad government that deserves to be sued for $5million.

The City Council must restore law and ethical order by reigning in Kansas City's dictatorial-acting administration and its on-going devious crusade to defame Citizen Chastain (the administration placed Chastain on its "Watch List" for dangerous people for no valid reason) and usurp his petitions. Otherwise, the petitions, lawsuits and distrust of City Hall will only multiply.

Clay Chastain...leader and official spokesperson for the 2017 and 2018 Committee of Petitioner's Green Transit Initiatives.

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  1. Here's the punch line T, there are cases like this that have cost other cities millions.

    After years and years Clay is finally getting smart, the city won't let him compete at the ballot box so he might very well win against them in court.

    It's not going to be pretty.

  2. This douche is why we need tort reform, when the lawsuit is over the loser pays for all legal fees and court costs.

    He always says this is the last time (petition) he loses then files a lawsuit and then returns with yet another petition

  3. Earning Tax extension?? Google

    Cordish to get another $17.5 million from Kansas City to help with Two ...
    Mar 28, 2016 - Cordish, which developed the Power & Light District, will be getting $17.5 million as part of a larger bond sale that the Kansas City Council approved last week. The $17.5 million will pay for a new parking garage underneath the 300-unit apartment building, as well as a $17,000 subsidy for each luxury ...

    If approved, apply below:

    “Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”- Robert Heinlein

  4. There is something vaguely Elizabethan or Shakespearian to Clay's latest lawsuit/lament. (or "law-ment?) Plus, he now looks older than William Proxmire.
    Clay is right, legally. Any fool knows that. The trolley vote was rigged, like all the others. But Clay is the wrong messenger. He demands credit, which costs him the Win. He has never grokked that essential element that leads to him being always "the roadrunner".

    We are all so tired of Clay. He's a blend of Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. The ultimate Whiner, and never the Winner.

    Any judge who might be inclined to rule in his favor would think twice. What with KC being the crime capital of the midwest,it would only be a matter of months before someone jumped him or her out of the bushes on the Plaza, and beat that judge to death with a wiffle ball bat wrapped in Clay Chastain petitions and legal filings.

  5. You have a good eye. I almost forgot what William Proxmire looked like.

  6. Well said Tracey. Unlike Quixote, Clay's windmill tilting never entices the casual observer to root for the underdog.

    You just want Clay to go away.

  7. I wish Tracy would go away and stay in Kansas

  8. I think the Council is going against the will of the City with the extension of the Light Rail to the Plaza and the creation of the taxing district. The hurdles one has to go thru to vote for or against the light rail taxing district is corrupt and designed by the Council to make opposition voting very difficult.
    I am a life long Democrat but see this and am disgusted. This is as bad as anything Trump and the Republicans are doing...

  9. ^^^^^^^^^"I am a life long Democrat" and that makes you a part of the problem it's your party and you that is fucking ruining America not Donald.

  10. Don't forget that enough Kansas City voters agreed with Clay once to actually adopt one of his Light Rail plans. Of course, our "Betters" (J. E. Dunn et al.)immediately instructed their hirelings, the Mayor and Council at the time, to stifle that Plan so the money that would be "wasted" on Light Rail could be routed into TIF, where KC Taxes belong. So, our "Beloved Leaders" spit in the faces of the Voters and nullified the passage of "Our Light Rail Plan".

    If Chastain ever gives up, who else will stand up to the corruption that has hag-ridden this Town since the early 1900s? I am a fan of Tony's, but we who post here are as ineffectual as Isaiah's "voice of him that crieth in the wilderness". I mean, on occasion Chris Hernandez will post an anonymous "rah-rah" in opposition to our Civic Criticisms, but for the most part we are ignored, and nobody in MSM dares mutter "a discouraging word". So let me play "Advocatus Diaboli" in Clay's favor, never met him, but always signed his petitions. Kipling's "If" always seemed to me to fit him.

    If you've read this far, bear with me a little longer, per piacere.
    Steven Hawking has left us! One of the Great Souls has left the World, and it is now a smaller place! Thanks to Will (or whoever, for you Oxfordians and Baconians,) we at least have a proper eulogy for Professor Hawking, starting with "Goodnight, Sweet Prince...".

  11. Ballot initiatives are a farce. People voted for light rail and against street car... but the city built a street car and not a light rail.

  12. Tunnel Vision Progressive3/14/18, 8:01 AM

    The lawsuit is the reason that the new Kansas City sales tax increase proposal needs to pass.

    Slie needs some way to buy out Clay so the suit will not go forward.

  13. I hope he takes out that crooked ass earnings tax while he is at it.


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