More than a half a dozen fire trucks & ambulances are on the scene at the Locarno Apartments this evening . . . We'll have more on the situation later.

For now, we'll share a few other news links worth a look:

Kansas City Runaround Today

Rush hour police chase crosses state line

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A rush hour police chase across state lines has ended in Kansas City, Kansas with a suspect's arrest. Kansas City, Missouri police first spotted the suspect, who was believed to be in involved in a possible robbery, near 31st and Benton.

Northland Retail Death High Price

Zona Rosa in default on mortgage; Platte County residents may be on the hook

In another troubling sign for bricks-and-mortar retail, Zona Rosa, the outdoor shopping district that was dubbed as the Country Club Plaza of the Northland when it opened in 2004, has defaulted on its mortgage. And due to a financial subsidy deal structured in 2007, Platte County taxpayers may be on the hook to cover debt shortfalls later this year.

Kansas Tea Party Dude On The Rise

President Trump officially nominates Mike Pompeo as secretary of state

The announcement was sent out by the White House Tuesday.

Show-Me Death Row Mercy

Stay of execution granted to Mo. inmate with rare medical condition

This undated photo provided by Jeremy Weis Photography, shows Russell Bucklew, who is scheduled to die by injection Tuesday, March 20, 2018, for killing a former girlfriend's new boyfriend in 1996 in eastern Missouri. (AP Images)

Golden Ghetto Inferno Anniversary

Tuesday marks one year since the 8-alarm City Place fire in Overland Park

One year later, those buildings are back under construction.

Meth Town Good Guy Kept Gun Away From Crook

Independence teacher helps apprehend shoplifting suspect

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - An Independence math teacher is being called a real-life hero for helping detain a shoplifting suspect and preventing him from getting ahold of a gun. Seconds after T.J. Barnet walked into the Price Chopper off of Noland Road Sunday, he immediately knew something was wrong.

Fanboy Hope For The Future

Patrick Mahomes and the NFL's new era at quarterback

The new era at quarterback: Carson Wentz, Marcus Mariota, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes. These are just a few of the young quarterbacks who have come in and taken the league by storm, forcing an out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new mentality in NFL quarterback rooms. While the likes of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers still dominate the win columns and are the faces of the entire league, the end could be near for the long-time heroes of the NFL.

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  1. RE: Stay of execution granted to Mo. inmate with rare medical condition

    The height of hypocrisy!

    "The prisoner is too sick for us to kill him."
    ----MO Dept. of Corrections

  2. pompeo, he must be drone parts manufacturing slut. Isn't that what they do in witchita.

  3. Maybe he should switch to vibrator parts.

  4. Zona Rosa makes enough to pay the exec.s and developers, but not its rent, of course because it doesnt have to pay because th on hook. Thats why you never cosign anything

  5. Metro North goes bankrupt and closes at least in part because tax-subsidized Zona Rosa opens with breathless claims and empty hopes.
    Zona Rosa can't pay its rent, so the taxpayers have to come in and pick up the freight.
    Just like the P&L District in KCMO.
    Just like hotels throughout the city and soon to be joined by Mike's Loews Hotel, even with all the up-front taxpayer cash.
    When can we expect the next proposal for a big big new retail idea north of the river?
    Much sooner than you think.
    Those "developers", architects, bond attorneys, and construction company execs have to eat too!
    All as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

  6. 3:31 AM you got that right. Platte county taxpayers get it in the end, the way the contracts were written up I think it was planned for this to happen.

  7. They have other means of execution like hanging, firing squad, electrocution and how about we just let the dad get revenge any way he wants too!

  8. I have a baseball bat I'm not using, maybe the dad would like to have it?

  9. If he's that sick, don't even incarcerate him - just announce when and where he's being set loose, then turn your back.

  10. ^^^^+100000


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