Friday, March 02, 2018

The Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings

Tonight we offer a quick guide to the winners of the local discourse and the moves & shakers among civic scene because MSM is just a bit too scared to acknowledge the this town is a will to power an nothing besides . . .

Take a look:

Mike Burke Starts Building His Downtown Kansas City Convention Hotel After All

The groundbreaking started this week and more than anybody, even the Mayor, this win belongs to Kansas City power player lawyer Mike Burke.

Mr. Burke committed some of his own cash and certainly a great deal of his time to the project that was able to bypass a public vote and garner City Hall funding amid more than a bit of controversy.

Like it or not, Mike Burke is on his way to owning a bit of the Kansas City skyline in a move that is both political and personal. And for that . . . This week he's the top power player in Kansas City.

Weather Newsie Erin Little Returns

This comeback of this weather newsie was a widely touted move by KCTV5 to win viewers and fans of this suburban mommy who is a lot more beloved than most local broadcasters.

Nude Dude Rolls Into Kansas City History

So far he's pretty much the unofficial Kansas City mascot for 2018 at a time when the national discourse and fragile economy seem to threaten this cowtown and all that's left is to keep rolling forward.

And because, technically, it's still Winter . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


MR said...

Still not convinced on the hotel. let's talk after it's built and after we get a loot at the revenue it will produce. When is Kansas City going to get paid back on our money? THAT is the most important question.

Anonymous said...

Really^^^^ That answer is never. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.

Anonymous said...

The naked man is not part of KC history, he should serve as a warning.

Don't be stupid, stupid. The penalties for a joy ride like that are very stiff - No pun intended.

Anonymous said...

+1 @9:35 - Kansas City shouldn't hold it's breath waiting for the money for this.

I think we're still hoping to recoup the P&L District investment at at 15-million a year, that's going to be a very long time in the making.

KC Tweety said...

Hogs at the trough? Anybody?

You heard it here FIRST said...

Kansas City convention hotel bankruptcy 2022.

Anonymous said...

yep,she did.glazer and "twinkle toes" thurman, they all got coke up and pulled a train on her,this was after the gunfight at the " so funny I forgot to laugh" yuk- shack corral the dead and dieing are still a secret.

Anonymous said...

Will admit that Burke put a lot of work into this. but that might not make the hotel a success. that's the real challenge that's ahead.

Anonymous said...

Burke's already gotten his money out of the hotel for "all his work".
The taxpayers and bankruptcy courts will be left to sort out any details going forward.
Just like pretty much all the other hotels in KCMO.
What shell will the pea be under next month?

Anonymous said...

Erin Little , the fertility queen of bad weather returns? Wow! I can't wait to spen another nine months watching her waddle her preggo butt around in front of the cameras.