Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The Kansas City Tuesday News Link Stand

Right now we're making the midday better with tribute to hottie Sophie who is still in the midst of making a transition to mainstream media and leaving the pr0n game behind. Accordingly, we check the top news links so that our community of readers can avoid the far more unsavory local content . . .


Kansas City Metro Future Frustrations

I Thought There Would Be Flying Cars By Now?

It's a fantasy every commuter shares: you're stuck in traffic, with delays and detours chewing on your already threadbare nerves, it feels like there's no escape, but you have a flying car - with the push of a button you hover away, soaring above the gridlock.

Well-Deserved Westside Newsman Tribute

Manuel Reyes, publisher of Kansas City bilingual newspaper Dos Mundos, dies at 79

Manuel Reyes, publisher of Kansas City's bilingual Spanish-English newspaper Dos Mundos, died Sunday evening. He was 79. Reyes, whose wife, Clara Reyes, is editor of Dos Mundos, would have turned 80 on May 4. Ed Reyes, son of Manuel Reyes, told The Star that his father learned in January that he had pancreatic cancer.

Mizzou Confronts Cont'd Cash Crisis

University of Missouri faces $60-million budget hole amid cuts

The University of Missouri is facing a $60 million budget shortfall on its Columbia campus under a worst-case scenario for state support and enrollment. The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that Chancellor Alexander Cartwright held a campus faculty meeting Monday to discuss a report recommending the campus close nearly 30 graduate programs. The meeting also included discussing the financial straits the university faces in the coming year.

Kansas Will Burn

One Year After Record Wildfire, Kansas Braces Against Strong, Dry Winds

One year and nearly a half million torched acres after the Starbuck wildfire, strong winds blow across a parched Kansas landscape. In some ways, last year's experience showed how man-made systems fell short of handling natural disaster. As March roars in with another dangerous fire season, lessons from 2017 will be tested and Kansas could learn whether it's better prepared now.

Show-Me Embattled Guv Action

Almost half of Missouri doctors are affected by opioid crackdown - Kansas City Business Journal

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens' crackdown on opioid-prescribers will hit nearly half of the state's doctors. As part of an effort to reduce opioid abuse, Greitens announced Monday that 8,000 Missouri doctors had been flagged for not adhering to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for prescribing opioids, The Kansas City Star reports.

WyCo Celeb Gives Back

Eric Stonestreet pledges $1 to SAFE program for every follower KHP Trooper Ben gets on Twitter

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Kansas City native Eric Stonestreet is working to help out a Kansas state trooper. The "Modern Family" actor is pledging donations for those who follow Trooper Ben on Twitter. For every new follower Trooper Ben gets, Stonestreet is donating $1 to the Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office and the program aimed at ensuring drivers wear their seat belt.

Today's Local Survivor Story

Oak Grove still in recovery one year after devastating tornado

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Homes destroyed. Glass, siding, insulation, and all sorts of personal items scattered everywhere. A devastating storm that seemed to hit in a flash. For many people, memories of the Oak Grove tornado don't seem long ago.

Another Toast To KCMO Craft Beer Scene

Tap List | City Barrel Brewing Company Announces Crossroads Location

The Crossroads will have a sixth brewery by the end of the year. Co-founders James Stutsman, Grant Waner and Joe Giammonco recently announced plans to build City Barrel Brewing Company (1916 Grand St.), a 15-barrel brewery with a 2,500 square-foot taproom that seats 150 people.

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Sophie is a Tranny?

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Craft beer is over. It is drank by the soyboy trimmed beard tight flannel crowd who can afford having 1300 calories in a six pack because they rarely eat any carbs after 7.

While Michelob Ultra is bubbly water, at least it is 90 calorie bubbly water.