Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Kansas City Tuesday Early Smile

We begin the morning with tribute to Brit comedy hottie Brooke and her impressive Internets celebrity that inspires us to clown these news links closer to home.

Take a peek:

KCMO Joins Fight To Save The Internets
A Dozen Cities Just Launched a Plan to Protect Net Neutrality
Building Up Northeast

One North development making progress

By Michael Bushnell If you've driven North on I-35 from the downtown area recently, you've no doubt noticed quite a bit of dirt moving on the Southeast corner of the Missouri route 210 exit ramp.

Taking Golden Ghetto Life

Johnson County home appraisals are up, but higher property taxes aren't inevitable

Johnson County sent out new property appraisal notices in February. Homeowners began squawking a few days later. In some neighborhoods, the value of a single-family home has shot skyward. Countywide, the average home value has gone up 7 percent - more than triple the inflation rate.

Local Inner Suburban Critters On The Prowl And Then Your Dumb Joke

City of Fairway advises residents to avoid contact with raccoons

FAIRWAY, Kan. - Fairway residents are being warned to avoid contact with raccoons out of fear they may have distemper. City officials emailed residents Monday about a "significant" increase in the number of raccoons showing signs of the disease recently. The city said that raccoons with distemper will approach humans, something the species doesn't normally do.

Home Team Question Of The Day

Are the Royals better than they were last year?

Many were expecting a rebuild with the Royals this year with the expected departure of many free agents. While the Royals may still try to rebuild, it is clear the want to try to win games in 2018 as well, bringing back Mike Moustakas and Alcides Escobar, and bringing in outfielder Jon Jay and first baseman Lucas Duda on very cheap deals.

Local Irish Hipster Schedule

St. Pat's, Pi Day, and distillery events: your KC food and drink schedule for March 12-18

Courtesy J. Rieger and Co. Tuesday, March 13 Up north, Repeal 18th (1825 Buchanan) is hosting a Japanese whiskey tasting beginning at 5 p.m. Guests will learn about and sample a variety of premium Japanese spirits, including the Akashi, Iwai Tradition, Hibiki Harmony and Nikka Pure Malt labels.

Kansas City Ticket To Hollywood???

Open Casting Call


Kacey Musgraves - Butterflies is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

City of Fairway also advises residents to avoid contact with crazy Tesla drivers who have OD on coffee and have extreme ego's.

DeBergerac said...

When did they move the "One North Development" out of North Kansas City and put it in KCMO's "Old Northeast"?

Guess I must have missed it.

Maybe Sick Sly and his Band of Merry Pranksters at "The Joke On Oak" moved the River with some of the GO Bond money!

Anonymous said...

Contact with any coons anywhere should always be avoided, not just in Fairway. People think it’s cute to feed them, but they are vicious animals and they will turn on you.

Anonymous said...

At least Fairway is TRYING to control its Coon Problems!

Bowtied Silverback said...

Maybe we should give them an EBT card too

Anonymous said...

A open casting call with this douchebag and in a coffee house no less?

Anonymous said...

Has Danny O’neill Issued his daily insincere apology yet?

Anonymous said...

Will animal control move Fairway's coons east of Troost?

Anonymous said...

what about the coyotes and deer?

DeBergerac said...

Wonder what "One North Development" plans to charge for the "luxury Apartments" located immediately adjacent to a Railroad Switching Yard?

I guess if you can con Hipsters into leasing condos in a sixty year old poorly-built Bank Building with no parking downtown, then these places might be "a total upgrade", n'est pas?

Tracy Thomas said...

A first for TKC--
DeBergerac is now talking to the boojie--in French!
N'est pas?!

Vive la DeBergerac.

This particular set of comments is rather bipolar. Toggling back and forth between DeBergerac's intelligent comments, then the trolls.

But nobody has mentioned the first pic--Brooke's really worst tat ever. The thick black garter belt bigger than a tourniquet (hey, another French word) avec le rose.

I imagine when she is old, (like me), her tat will sag and peek out around her kneecaps. As Trump would say, "Sad." Why do people adorn themselves with bad art?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Traycee, Traycee, Traycee, ma p'tite Chou!
Your fulsome praise overwhelms me!

But I must spring to Brookelyn's defense Cher - having looked at her site, I find myself delighted with her subtle humor. The pictures she posts often appear in "mirror image", so the tattoo seems to leap from one leg to the other! Splendide! And even her "nom de Leer" is a joke in reference to the UK's old currency system.

I do agree that her adornment is extremely um... Florid (sorry), but you know what they say, "Good Tats Aren't Cheap, and Cheap Tats..."

Thanks again for the compliments.

Tracy Thomas said...

DeBergerac, you actually WENT to one of those prOn sites?!
Oh well, I suppose you can characterize it as "research".

I am reminded that is how Tony monetizes this otherwise hobby.
A nickel a tickle...

Nome de Leer--love that term.

Pas de tats pour moi.

DeBergerac said...

Not research, Tracy - pure prurience!

I've also seen paintings by Titian and several Rubens at the Louvre, and read the Kama Sutra (but not in Sanskrit). Along the way I've spent time at King Arthurs here in KC (Chris Colt and her 45s - WAHOO!)

My Autodidactic Voyage has lead me to many strange lands and unusual places, but I've always tried to follow the light given by the Great Philosophers, such as Descartes ("Cogite Cogito, ergo Cogite Sum" - I think I think, therefore I think I am), the barkeep "Moustache" from Irma la Douce, the Marx's (both Karl and Groucho, Harpo was WAY too deep for me), Will Rodgers (who never met Donald Trump), and a hobo called "Chief" I met in Muskogee several years ago.

gag me with a two-tined spork said...

^^^ You two having sex would be painful to listen too

Bowtied Silverback said...

It was Tracy with a black strap on in the maids room