The Kansas City Snail Mail Discourse

Quick look at Kansas City junk mail that most readers have already thrown out and probably never looked at . . .

Kansas City Sales Tax Bridge Too Far

Big promises from this mail blast from Mayor Sly and every major corporation in Kansas City . . .

Take a look at this glossy promo offering a new bridge a a reward for voter approval of yet another regressive sales tax.

And then . . .

Kansas City Streetcar Opposition . . .

We like the money train bad pun and a great deal of deservedly angry text . . .

And here's more info about the illegal vote that's already underway despite opposition . . .

More reasons to bring this corrupt project to a full stop. You decide . . .


  1. They will still need more money from MO dot if they want to fix the buck o'neil bridge to any reasonable level.

  2. Very true, I’m voting no, what happened to go bond and all the street repairs, that’s right, that money went to the hotel that will never be full

  3. I'm getting sick of Sly James and all the clueless morons at city hall. KC is going to become another Detroit before too long. Count on it.

  4. The city needs to have its allowance taken away and be grounded. These fuckers have got more damn angles for mooching and picking your pocket than any damn place I have ever seen.

  5. I use $13.00 worth of water A month. The rest is taxes. Have Dinner in the crossroads and more taxes. There are Resturent taxes earnings tax Hotel taxes Rental Car Taxes and they want more, And you know why. The city worker's Pension May be in trouble. TONY FIND OUT. THIS COULD BE BREAKING NEWS.

  6. If sLIE would quit stealing from it, the pension would be fine, but no, he’s a fuckin thief

  7. Flyer costs would have paid salary for those recently laid off.

  8. It's confusing to me why so many people are OK with using city tax dollars to rebuild a MODOT bridge but yet balk at funding city infrastructure.


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