Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Kansas City Saturday Morning Look

We start Saturday with a celebration of Denise, her body of work and a warning . . . Her hotness is so legendary that it once cost a world-renowned physics professor his job. And so we proceed with caution as we check all of these news links closer to home.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Neighborhood Conversation

Northeast Newscast episode 46 w/ Independence Plaza Neighborhood Association President Tom Ribera

By Paul Thompson This week on the Northeast Newscast, managing editor Paul Thompson talks with Independence Plaza Neighborhood Association President and local rehabber Tom Ribera. Topics of discussion include the apartment buildings at 11th and Paseo that he's currently renovating, the security measures he's taking to make sure potential tenants feel safe, his other rehab projects in the area, Ribera's vision for 12th St.

Rock Chalk Teachable Moment: Students Pay Higher Price For Busted Politics

Higher ed cuts in Kansas shifting onto student tuition

Students in Kansas are bearing more than two-thirds of the cost of their education at public universities in the state. That's a sharp increase over the last 16 years. In 2001, revenue from tuition was little more than a third of the cost of education - about 35 percent.

Like It Or Not: Prez Trump Tariffs Kickstart Missouri Hiring And New Jobs

New Missouri aluminum smelter will hire 450 employees

MARSTON, Mo. * A new aluminum smelter will open in the Missouri Bootheel region in May, replacing roughly half of the jobs lost when another smelter shut down two years ago. Magnitude 7 Metals plans to hire 450 people for its plant in the former Noranda Aluminum smelter in New Madrid County, near the tiny town of Marston, about 150 miles south of St.

Kansas City Call For Justice

Family of man killed in 23rd and Denver shooting desperate for answers as police search for suspect

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two car crashes then a deadly shooting. More than a week later, police still want to find the killer, and the victim's family is begging for answers. "Got a call from my son, Brandon, and he told me Cortez might not make it, and the detective said he might not make it," said Rochelle Douglas, Cornelius Coleman's mother.

Dead-Tree Classy Conversation

Editorial Board with novelist Whitney Terrell

Star Editorial Board members Colleen McCain Nelson and Dave Helling talked with novelist and UMKC assistant professor Whitney Terrell on Facebook Live Wednesday, Mar. 7, 2018. In this excerpt, Terrell, whose first two novels touched on historical and modern racism in Kansas City, reflects on the need for today's Kansas Citians to know that history.

More Deets On Bubba Troubles

Kansas City Royals OF Bubba Starling out an extended amount of time with injury

Kansas City Royals outfielder and former first-round draft pick Bubba Starling has stopped baseball activity because of an oblique issue, manager Ned Yost said Friday morning. Yost said Starling will be out an extended amount of time and "back off of him a bit."

Savor Local Spice Of Life

Food Critics: The Best South American Food In Kansas City

Kansas City only has a handful of South American restaurants, but South American food has been appearing on menus all over town. "You don't have to just be a South American restaurant to enjoy and have these dishes on your menu," Jenny Vergara told host Gina Kaufmann on KCUR's Central Standard.

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Tracy Thomas said...

Whitney Terrill, come are race-baiting when you say "this is the kind of thing that leads to RIOTS".

You also cit Black Lives Matter as if it is a thing,that sprang up as a wellspring, rather than the George Soros funded fake group that it is. Just like Indivisible. Look at their weekly web site--trust me, a bunch of snowflake soccer Moms in Prairie Village are not spending all their waking hours organizing marches and making signs to go taunt Kevin Yoder. And those Moms are NOT managing a complex web site with additional social media streams.

George Soros funds techies doing the work behind the scenes. Probably the kids living 4 to an apartment in tax-abated subsidized lofts in the Cordish P&L district.

If you shouted "Indivisible"--"workers raise your hands!~" while standing in the aisles at Cosentino's subsidized downtown grocery store, half the customers would show their employee name badges.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Is Tracy hitting the bottle early this morning?

Gus said...

If she is, she needs to drink early more often. I get a kick out of it when she gets fired up.

Anonymous said...

Drink alone often Tracy Thomas?

Anonymous said...

Jesus, not everything is a Soros conspiracy.

I doubt you would appreciate it if every one of your posts was called out as fake and paid for by the Koch Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Sabor Latino in Lee's Summit is awesome and inexpensive.

Anonymous said...

Tariffs = a zero sum game.