The Kansas City Saturday Collection

They say that Victoria's Secret stock struggles to complete amid the rise of the #MeToo movement as hotness seemingly goes out of style in favor of activism. However, they promo hotties dedicated and well-paid to promote the brand seem as strong as ever. Similarly, here's all the worthwhile Kansas City news we've gathered today:

Kansas City Lady Broadcast Pioneer

First woman baseball commentator is KC native, began broadcasting with the Kansas City A's

Before they moved to Oakland, the old Philadelphia Athletics baseball team set up in Kansas City in 1955 and played in Municipal Stadium until 1967. A's owner Charlie Finley was known for gimmicks to draw attention and in 1964 added a woman to the radio broadcast booth.

Kansas City Saturday Tragedy

Woman dies in early morning house fire in south KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A church is preparing for Easter services with heavy hearts after learning that a longtime member passed away in a house fire Saturday morning. Firefighters were called to the house on the 8600 block of Cambridge Avenue just before 5 a.m.


Missouri prisoners will no longer be allowed to smoke starting Sunday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It may seem like a cruel April Fool's joke, but Missouri prisoners will wake up this April 1 to news they can no longer smoke. Missouri's Department of Corrections has been working for months to avoid a potential Easter rebellion.

Golden Ghetto Family Drama

Woman injured by relative with knife in Olathe

Olathe police are investigating after a woman was injured by a relative overnight. The incident happened at about 1:10 a.m. on Saturday in the 13800 block of West 138th Street. A 60-year-old woman was confronted by a 24-year-old woman holding a knife and sustained minor injuries.

Northeast Alternative History

Historic Moment

Very, very rare photograph of the last time Indian Mound in Northeast Kansas City erupted. According to native lore it was shortly before 1700. This picture was taken by a trapper who was just passing through. The photograph, which is a glass plate negative, can be found in the collection of the Smithsonian Institute.

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  1. April fool a little early.

  2. No longer able to smoke what? They get everything they want.

  3. ^^^ Good point. Don't they get cable too?

  4. The French blasted dynamite in the mounds to get fill dirt for roads.

  5. A sad, futile attempt by fur traders to relocate the single-terminal furport to Northeast.


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