The Kansas City Newsie Election Debate

Right now let's take a peek at the local newsie elite sharing their hot takes on all of the topics that shaped local life over the pas few days. .


Nick Haines, Micheal Mahoney, Steve Vockrodt, Eric Wesson and Dave Helling discuss the Schlitterbahn indictments, the upcoming ballot issues relating to a sales tax renewal and sales tax on internet purchases, the local March For Our Lives, the debate over guns and school safety in Kansas, Sly James' State of the City address, Claire McCaskill's fundraising tactics and the Urban Youth Academy.

Take a look

You decide . . .


  1. Useful Idiots?

  2. Did Dave hellimg just say vote no to the tax increase? sLIE gonna be pissed and dumb Dave will be fired!

  3. And the Star may have to start paying taxes again.

  4. Q: If Dave Helling took off his wig, would he be as bald as Nick Haines and Eric Wesson?

  5. Dave has been pushing back against all of these taxes. Have to respect him for that!

  6. I would have asked:
    Have any of you or your families ever been to Schlitterbahn and did you ride Verruckt?

    And Vockrodt, when the mid-level staffer at KCK/UG backed off his admission that it was the Design Review Committee that mandated the design and installation of the hoops and netting, which had never been done anywhere else in the US, why did you not pursue and demand the names of the Design and Review Committee, and why did you not do a KORA search of memos, emails and texts from Mayor Mark Holland regarding that? Why did you give up?

    The KC Star is sure not gonna win a Pulitzer for taking a pass for at least a year on the cause of Caleb's death.

  7. Tracy's day drinking again.

  8. Let N, KC and Platte County pay for the new bridge.

  9. Most of those students will be working class soon and realize they'll need access to guns and ammo.


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