The Kansas City Midweek News Link Stroll

Right now we consider hottie Kindly and the most worthwhile sales pitch we've seen today along with checking some of the top stories for the afternoon news-cycle.

Dive right in . . .

TKC Also Snarkily Celebrates Working Girls With The Clean-Cut Crew At KCBJ!!!

Kansas City ranks among top 10 cities for working women - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City already ranks as one of the best cities for women in tech, and now it's tacked on another win - being a top 10 place for working women, according to MagnifyMoney. The Kansas City metro, which ranked No. 10 on the list, has a 4.3 percent unemployment rate for women.

More Deets On Fatal Northeast Fire

Deadly fire in Sheffield neighborhood

By Michael Bushnell A man and a woman died in an overnight house fire near 9th and Belmont in the Sheffield neighborhood. The fire broke out at approximately 3:45 this morning and was quickly elevated to two alarms. Firefighters extinguished the flames at about 4:30 a.m.

Eco-Devo Propaganda Redux

'Beyond the Loop' seeks to relieve Downtown freeway damage

Beyond the Loop, a Downtown planning strategy for the future of the North Loop freeway, Buck O'Neil Bridge and Independence Avenue, is holding two public meetings this month to refine potential alternatives, according to Kevin Collison on

Rolling Into Low-Rent Future

BikeWalkKC Coming to Northeast

Area bicycling advocates have turned their attention to the Historic Northeast. BikeWalkKC is a local non-profit organization that focuses on efforts to expand the pedestrian and bicycle mobility within KC communities through advocacy, education and planning. Presently, they are focused on implementing programs that will serve to increase the access to safer sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes, and even access to bicycles.

Big Bucks For Local Lawyer Kingpins

Polsinelli wins $300M flooding verdict against Corp of Engineers - Kansas City Business Journal

Polsinelli PC shareholder R. Dan Boulware was the lead attorney in a case that resulted in a $300 million verdict against the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, which was found responsible for causing flooding that damaged farms and property along the Missouri River. The case, Ideker Farms et al v.

This Isn't News But Still Adorable

Kansas family's dog put on flight to Japan following airline mix-up

A Kansas family says a mix-up with United Airlines has resulted in their German Shepherd dog being mistakenly flown to Japan. Kara and Joseph Swindle, along with their children, are in the process of moving from Oregon to Wichita. With her 7-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter, Kara Swindle flew into Kansas City Tuesday on a United Airlines flight.

Late But Tasty Kansas City Lunch Link

Best Eat In the House | Wings Cafe's Lemon Pepper Wings

Best Eat in the House features dining recommendations from people in and around Kansas City. For this episode, Gene Willis, the Director of Marketing for Drug Free Sport, came in to talk about the lemon pepper wings at Wings Café (3927 Broadway Blvd.).

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  1. putting a roof over I-70 and connecting two areas of downtown is a great idea!

    the downtown bet needs to work and uniting the two parts would help a lot.

  2. ^^^ It'll never happen and it's just a scam.

    Thanks for playing.

  3. It's NOT "adorable" that a dog with health issues is alone without his family in Japan instead of KC where he's supposed to be. God help the airline if anything happens to him. How are stupid people walking around with these jobs?!?!


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