The Kansas City Midweek News Link Peek

The Kansas City Burlesque Downtown Underground features an impressive line-up on the way this weekend and their dedication to their craft inspires this quick update featuring all the local worthwhile news tonight.


Kansas City Fruit & Veggie Progress
Local nonprofit brings fresh produce to convenience stores
Murder Tonight across State Line

KCK Police investigating homicide near 26th and Quindaro

The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department was called to investigate a homicide Wednesday evening. Police Chief Terry Zeigler said that incident happened near 26th and Quindaro. One person was rushed to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries. They were pronounced dead a short time later. No word yet on any suspect information.

Fair Housing Off-Site???

Cordish agrees to affordable housing, but not at Three Light

Power & Light District developer Cordish offered Wednesday to cut by half its 99-year deal with the city for luxury apartment construction and commit to setting aside 10 percent of future units for low and moderate income tenants. The measure falls short of a resolution introduced earlier this week by two City Council critics of subsidies to the Baltimore company.

Would You Advise A Youngster To Pursue Career As Cop???

Blue River Public Safety Institute sees shrinking class size

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The three officers shot in Clinton, Missouri sheds light on a dismal reality for law enforcement and cadets all over the nation. Policing is a dangerous career and fewer people are willing to do it. The MCC-Blue River Public Safety Institute started its Police Academy Certificate program in 1995.

More Bad News For 'Never Was' Bubba
Royals' Bubba Starling: Dealing with oblique injury
Talking With Native Prof

For Dean At Lawrence's Haskell Indian Nations University, Tribalism And Twitter Are Teaching Tools

In her Twitter bio, Julia Good Fox says she's "unapologetically tribalist." "I love tribalism, and that might be shocking," she told host Gina Kaufmann on KCUR's Central Standard. People have been taught that it's a negative word, she added, "which is very interesting, considering how many American Indian tribes we have here, and considering that this is an indigenous area."

Kansas City Good Life Foodie Honors

The James Beard Foundation Just Named Its 2018 "Design Icon Award"

Feast your eyes on The American restaurant in Kansas City.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


  1. Really.... Cottage cheese?

  2. So Cordish just said i dont want no low budget hoodrats in our luxury apts.

  3. Told you so! It’s not gonna happen in sLIE’s downtown! Lmao!

  4. Maybe Cordish can make some section 8 shitholes and instead of 4 light call them 40 ounce

  5. Didn't the American Restaurant close?

  6. We need less 18th and Vine and more dancers flashing their breasts.

  7. It was a 99-year-deal? I've got to start paying closer attention. Not that it would make any difference.

  8. Cordish, just shows you the rich are getting richer and greedier.

    The American has not changed that carpet in 20 years.


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