The Kansas City Early Sunday News Kiss

Things haven't been going well for angelic hottie Erin over the past few months. She has endured the FAIL of her fashion line and she's trying to dump some pricey real estate in a hurry . . . Nevertheless, her body of work continues to inspire as we start this Kansas City Sunday.


Kansas City Passion

Singing Christ's 'Seven Last Words' Is Daunting, But This Kansas City Chorus Is Ready

Kansas City choral conductor Matthew Shepard has wanted to perform "Seven Last Words from the Cross" for more than a decade. A modern choral masterwork, it tackles the Bible's dramatic story of the reflective moments leading up to Christ's crucifixion.

KCFD Responds To Wreck Near Ameristar

Train derails in Randolph, Mo.

RANDOLPH, Mo. - Kansas City, Mo. Fire Dept. and deputies with the Clay Co. Sheriff's Department are on the scene of a train derailment near the intersection of NE Underground Drive and N. Randolph Rd. There are no reports of any injuries or hazardous materials on the train.

Kansas Social Media Multi-color Star

She's 'rooted' in small-town Kansas with painted, rainbow hairstyles

Ursula Goff has brought waves of color to small-town Kansas - and the rest of the nation. She was recently on the Rachael Ray Show with a segment featuring her rainbow hair art. "The rainbow hair trend has been flooding our social media feeds for quite some time now -- but one extremely popular hairstylist from Kansas named Ursula Goff ...

Show-Me Drug Crisis Cont'd

Sens. Blunt, McCaskill have opportunity to help stop opioid overdoses

CLOSE Opioid abuse and addiction impacts all corners of Missouri. Every day it seems we see news reports of another life taken by this epidemic. Nationwide, this epidemic has claimed more than 42,000 victims in 2016, which amounts to 115 lives per day.

Kansas City Money Ball Report

Why the Royals shipped four minor league pitchers to the Mariners for pretty much nothin'

Spring training is winding down and the Royals will have their Opening Day roster set in a few days, with minor league rosters shaping up after that. Teams will have to juggle the personnel in their organization to accommodate the number of players they have at each level, which can lead to some teams cutting players they don't have room for, and others picking up dudes basically just to fill out a roster.

Kansas City Dead-Tree Cleanup Idea

Expand Loads of Love laundry program to address chronic absenteeism in KC public schools

Every day, children in Kansas City miss class because they don't have clean school uniforms. To address the issue, the United Way of Greater Kansas City's Loads of Love KC is installing washers and dryers inside public school buildings. The program first donated $5,000 for machines at Benjamin Banneker Elementary School.

Kansas City Forecast Sunday

FORECAST: Sunday to be drier, but cloudy

Just a small chance of rain on Sunday, but later Sunday night into Monday, rain and thunder should develop along a warm front that moves closer to Kansas City.

Bob Marley - Redemption Song is the tune of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. I don't know how anyone ever got an education without school provided lunches and laundry services. I'll expect those standardized test scores skyrocket.

  2. Free lunches and laundry in prison too. Hopefully these kids get away from their negligent parents soon enough to avoid it.

  3. The student march against opioid epidemic takes place, oops! That should have said against abortion, oops! Oh well, forget it!


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