In addition to a New York Auto Show debut there was a secondary low-rent unveiling at the Fairfax Assembly Plant for American luxury scaled down.

The plant is going to keep 500 jobs thanks to this upstart entry into the small SUV market. GM spent $265 million in order to update their local facility and accommodate the new production line . . . But the bigger question is directed to our late night shift work & insomniac pals:


For most of us, this would be a welcomed dilemma but the news is primarily about market share and affordability rather than classic Caddy luxury . . . Which might also be important to those with the means.

Check the links . . .

CNET: 2019 Cadillac XT4 debuts with turbo power, $35,790 price tag

Slashgear: 2019 Cadillac XT4 puts punchy 2.0 turbo in luxury crossover

Autoweek: A red-hot market beckons - This is the Cadillac XT4

Fox: The Cadillac XT4 is aimed at Gen X

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


  1. Absolutely.


  2. Price is right, but if you aren't totally brand obsessed there are a few good similar models at this same price point and probably with more features. What's worse, is that when we talk about smart cars, the Cadillac interface and operating system has always been lacking. Mercedes & BMW have way better iPhone integration AND Chevy & ford are leading the way in mobile hot spot offerings with their SUV line.

    Will be anxious to look at some of the reviews for this one but for now I think the press is mostly playing cheerleader. Better to wait and see on this model.

  3. Casey Doucher3/27/18, 11:20 PM

    I'll just take the streetcar instead. It's my favorite expensive import!

  4. Don't be a hater. This is a KICK-ASS car.

  5. If you're swayed by marketing professionals telling you what you should desire to own, then this post is for you.

    Before you start playing this game though, remember that some other fool will always be willing to top you. E.g., "Can I get mine gold-plated, with custom tinted windows, and personalized license plates?"

    Choose a decent, but average vehicle, save your money, and retire earlier.

  6. I actually like the new Cadillac. Great lines, will get good gas mileage and probably easy to park.

    You only live once, if a nice American car makes you smile. So be it.

  7. GM.....government bailout motors. This is the company of Pontiac and Saturns. Shit cars that break down all the time. Not as bad as Ford but Ford has issues too. There is a reason the Japanese cars made headway. They were better quality. Union strikes were notorious back in the day in kcmo, but little did the public know that they were getting high and drunk on lunch break then building the cars for you to drive your families in.

    Yeah...a staurn aluminum engine is so smart. Good grief. Hey how about a bailout GM?

  8. and.........3/28/18, 1:48 AM

    ..... 500 jobs with a lifeline is good too

  9. NOPE I wouldn't I'd rather have a small plane instead, like a Cessna 172 or a Piper Seneca. screw that Cadillac !!!

  10. If you buy a Pontiac, you get the same car without paying a premium for the name Chrysler.

  11. It's a car, folks. It takes people from Point A to Point B and sits in traffic, waiting for the light to change. I have a car that does the same thing, and it costs less than half.

    Forgot to mention that the Cad also depreciates, endures bad weather and streets, is subject to crazy uninsured drivers, and eventually wears out. Just like every other vehicle.

  12. GM considers Fairfax one of their best plants. This car is targeted towards one of the hottest markets in automotive, small crossover SUVs. I hope the quality and details are great, it looks like they are targeting the right things, now it comes down to execution.

    They don't show the broadside, so reservations still on the look, after seeing the new bmw i2 concept, it is quite handsome, better than their regular SUVs. I hope GM nails the Caddy, it would be good for the region and jobs. Surprised there is no story of hybrid boost or electric drivetrain, they are probably focused first on basic volume market. Cars are declining rapidly and SUVS and Trucks are rocking.

  13. "For instance, one of the largest antebellum Southern plantations is Louisiana’s Nottoway Plantation, which was completed in 1859. Nottoway was built by John and Emily Randolph, who owned 155 captive African Americans in 1860 and had the 53,000 square-foot house built by those captives. In 1858 Randolph advertised in New Orleans’ Times-Picayune seeking the return of one of those captive craftspeople, the escaped 30-year-old carpenter Sunny, who was identified by Randolph as being “very black, with shot marks on his back.”

  14. is a cadillac like driving with a sofa in the car?

  15. Life is too short to drive a SUV.


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