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Strife in the Streets: Kansas City Remembers 1968

Frustrated with the slow pace of civil rights reforms and outraged at the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., protesters in Kansas City took to the streets on April 9, 1968, leading to four subsequent days of civil unrest.


  1. As a teenager I remember 1968 very well. As an adult what I see is those who were doing the rioting over MLK have completely turned their backs on what he was about and what he stood for. Hard to sell your cause when you resort to violence about every little whim you disagree with and for sure makes your cause moot when the issue that is used to destroy property and kill one another about turns out to be a lie created by those behind the cause.

    If a man is to be remembered and used as a figurehead of that which is suppose to be good then wouldn't following his ideas and preached examples of life be the road most traveled and the roads to violence the least traveled ones?

    1. Yea, we really want to hear the opinion of a worthless racist like you on on MLK & civil unrest. Anything you have to say utterly irrelevant and wholly ignorant. Don’t you have chuck’s dick to suck?

  2. I remember this very ugly time, when National Guardsmen with rifles were stationed on the rooftops of the buildings on the Plaza, where I worked. Police blocked traffic from Missouri into my Kansas suburb out of fear. Whole blocks around the Prospect Corridor were in flames. I hope I never see anything like it again.

  3. ^^^^^Talk about utterly being irrelevant!

  4. Notice how 9:11 is such a pussy they can't make a profile and be a man about what they say. I wish we could report assholes like that. By the way ya jerk, Dave is dead on the money along with 8:53

    1. You want to report someone for expressing free speech stupid Dave? If you can’t stand the heat, keep your dumb ass of this blog. Now go find your daddy chuck, and do whatever it is you two nancies do.

  5. Dead is dead on the money about sucking chuck’ dick!

  6. "Frustrated with the slow pace of civil rights reforms and outraged at the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.", and also wanting a new TV set, stereo and coffee table,....

    Fixed it.

  7. Has there been a single day in the last 50 years when Blacks weren't protesting something ? Blacks showed up to protest the Apollo 11 moon launch in 1969--they believed that the money and resources used on that mission should have been spent on improving THEIR lives. The descendants of these protesters are morbidly obese, spoiled-rotten baby factories. Their communities are so diseased with violent crime that military surgeons and combat medics are placed in these areas to receive hands-on training for combat trauma. The Civil Rights Act was a MANDATE (no one voted for it) that destroyed American's Freedom Of Association.

  8. I remember as an eight year old having to stay inside for the whole thing because the coloreds were destroying everything in sight. Nothing has changed. They are still the most destructive race on the face of the earth.

  9. eserve White Priviledge because we actually RISK SHIT

    Sorry minorities, but you:

    1. Didn't risk your lives, die by the millions of scurvy sailing to the remotest corners of the world, conquering people being outnumbered 1 to 100

    2. Didn't fight 2 huge wars against each other

    3. You don't risk your lives being guinea pigs for big pharma, 90% of clinical trials are still done in the US and Europe.

    4. You don't go parachuting, bungee jumping, doing pull ups from high-ass buildings, parkouring on rooftops, crossing mountain ridges on bikes, diving with wild animals, you don't go travelling to every corner of the earth with just your backpack and 1 dollar a day, you need your safe luxury apartments to ever go travelling

    6. You don't risk contant nuclear destruction against each other, 

    7. You don't risk blowing up the universe in a particle accelerator and any crazy ass science like that

    It's all on US, the WHITE MEN.

    None of the minorities, Asians, Indians, Niqqers, American Indians, Arabs, none of them do that shit

    You can't expect to be treated equally but expect us white people to take all the risks for you.

    We are the pioneers, the revolutionaries, the explorers, you are just clients for the things we discover through the dead bodies of our comrades who paid the highest price for our desire to explore.

    Without us you'd still be stuck in the era of spear and bow.

    You can't demand equality when we do all the dangerous work for you.

  10. Bullshit. White men have caused more death & destruction than all of the over races combined.

    Did blacks give us two world wars?
    Did blacks burn 6 million Jews?
    Did blacks enslave whites?
    Did blacks commit genocide against indigenous peoples everywhere?

    You're still an eight year old boy cowering in fear!

  11. "Without us you'd still be stuck in the era of spear and bow."

    Why would that be a bad thing?

  12. White people are so wonderful that every other day one of them starts shooting at a crowd of strangers. You probably blame the blacks for that as well.

  13. Black men kill acquaintances, white men kill strangers.

    How many mass murders have been black?

    I can only think of one.

  14. Colin Ferguson, Omar Thornton, Maurice Clemons, Nathan Dunlap, John Muhamad, Lee Malvo, Christopher Dorner.

    Also see:

  15. Words of Wisdom.3/17/18, 4:03 PM

    9:11 & 10:01
    Freedom of speech does not protect you from the consequences of saying stupid shit.

    Freedom of speech does not protect you from prosecution for civil rights violations and hate speech for saying stupid shit.

    Anonymous posting does not protect you from from being exposed for the things you say or communicate on the internet in the state of Missouri.

    Blogger will work with the state of Missouri if a complaint is made and proven that harassment based on race or sexual orientation or cyber stalking is taking place by placing into action means which will track you and result in charges against you. It does not have to be the person or persons who you are attacking that has to make the complaint. Any person who feels it isn't right can do so.

    So the question is, do you want to be the subject of a story on TKC maybe for days on end when you get busted for your ridiculous cyberbullying? Being exposed will probably get you fired from work, friends to turn away from you and be humiliated in the news for several days. Your kids will be the brunt of jokes and your wife will probably have to endure embarrassment from your actions. All because you think you're being funny which you're not.

  16. @4:03 Drink up !

  17. @4:03 "Do you want to be prosecuted for hate speech ?" You absolutely must be a fucking Jew !

  18. Sick of Garbage Posters3/17/18, 4:44 PM

    I for one am getting sick and tired of the comments by the same 2 or 3 haters all the time in here. They add nothing to the comments other than hate and disrespectful trash talk.

    Come on Tony start taking the damn trash out more often

    1. Yes! Start with stupid Dave & chuck!

    2. @4:44 quit your crying you little bitch! If you can’t take it, get the fuck off this blog now! Pushy!

  19. 4:03, the United States does not acknowledge the existence of hate speech.

    Only civilized countries do that.

  20. I'm only responsible for how I live my life.

  21. 1968 was a perfect example of how Africants don't learn from their mistakes.


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