Sunday, March 11, 2018

Streetcar Expansion Election Question: Should Kansas City Voters Trust Transit Political Action Committee With Their Information???

This group is spamming local message boards and social media asking for voter information . . . They are affiliated with streetcar supporters and there's nothing on their site that says they won't use the info to push their agenda.

The OFFICIAL APPLICATION for a streetcar expansion ballot is posted at the 16th Circuit Court Jackson County website.

However, voters might want to think twice about giving vital voter data over to a political action committee.

Here is their pitch that may or may not offer a forthright view of their activities in the current election underway but does reveal the danger to voters that the rigged, secret ballot for the TDD creates . . .

Connect KC | Home

3.5 million people. That's how many riders have completed rides on the Kansas City streetcar to date. It's been called the " 2016 Best Project " in transit, the Mid-America Regional Council declared it the 2016 Sustainable Success Story, and ACEC of Missouri awarded it the Missouri Grand Conceptor Award.


Anonymous said...

Autonomous cars and buses are coming quickly, lite rail is a dead waste of money technology.

Super Dave said...

Why should "Kansas City Voters Trust" anything that takes place in city hall?

Anonymous said...

N it's FREE!

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Anonymous said...

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