Social Media Democracy Inaction: Mizzou Student Elections Nixed Over Mean Tweets

Another teachable moment as the Internets ruins an election on a smaller scale . . . Also MU seems incapable of transcending identity politics once again . . .

Mizzou student elections scrapped after offensive tweets

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) - The Missouri Students Association presidential election has been canceled after the discovery of offensive tweets by three candidates who have since dropped out. Presidential candidates Blaine Thomas and Claire Jacobs dropped out of the race Tuesday and vice-presidential candidate Caius Gillen quit Wednesday after a student journalist publicized racist, sexist and homophobic tweets from their Twitter accounts, the Columbia Missourian reported .


  1. Ever since the cowardly university "leaders" folded and handed over the campus to the student "activists", MU has more and more resembled nothing so much as the French Revolution and the infighting has become more and more extreme.
    It won't be too long before there are guillotines set up on the quad to purge the campus of anyone insufficiently philosophically pure and extreme.
    When the inmates are running the asylum, cannibalism is never too far away.
    These clowns are the "leaders" of tomorrow?
    And they can't responsibly run an election for meaningless student government?
    So much for "higher" education.

  2. The economy has been doing so well Mizzou didn't need the money.

  3. 6:12

    Dead on the money.

    Fuck MU

  4. MU is a shithole university in a shithole state. You don't need no book learnin' to be a meth-addled hillbilly.

  5. Typical hypocrite snowflake conservatives, like 6:12! Calls of limits on freedom of speech for the racists, but not for the journalist who did nothing more than publish what they themselves wrote. They chose to drop out when exposed for their own free speech. Learn the law, morons!

  6. Come to think of it, would we have really missed the MU football team?

  7. Why don't we start calling our state reps in Jefferson City and DEMANDING that MoDOT pukes like that obnoxious Joseph Turner, University of Missouri graduate, be fired and stripped of his engineering license?

    Would anyone like to know how to find his home address on the state's licensee directory????

    1. Would anyone like to know how to find his home address on the state's licensee directory????


  8. Tell local sports bars and restaurants to remove MU decorations or items from their restaurants or you will no longer patronize them.

    Boycott organizations and businesses that advertise during MU sports. Watch for their logos on the backdrops behind press conferences, etc.

    Call your cable or satellite company and tell them to drop the SEC Network or you will drop your subscription.

    Call your local radio stations that carry MU sports and tell them to drop their affiliation with the MU sports network or you will stop listening to their station and refuse to patronize their sponsors.

    Tell your local school not to accept any invitations from MU for your school band to participate in "band day" or MU homecoming.

    Call your Missouri state legislators and demand that the Missouri Department of Revenue stop issuing MU personalized license plates.

    Call your state legislators and demand that they pass legislation prohibiting Missouri state employees from displaying MU personalized license plates on their personal vehicles.

  9. Call your state legislators and demand that they pass legislation placing a moratorium on all hiring of MU graduates to state government positions. Also demand that any current MU graduates currently in state employment will be the first laid off in any future downsizings.

    Tell local retailers to stop selling all MU merchandise or you will stop patronizing them.

    Call your state legislators and demand that MoDOT remove all signs for MU on the highways around Columbia and to enact a moratorium on installing any new signs for MU.

    Do not patronize any businesses in Boone County. If you are driving through on the highway, do not stop until the next county line.

    Do not re-elect any official who is a MU supporter or alumni.

    If you are with another University, tell your athletic department not to enter into any contract for playing any future sporting events versus MU. For those other institutions already in such a contract, tell them to cancel it.

    If you are within reasonable distance, go across the state line outside of Missouri to purchase fuel. License your car out of state if possible.

    Call or E-mail the Missouri Lottery and tell them no more MU themed lottery scratchers tickets or you will cease playing.

    If you happen to find yourself doing business with an MU grad in state government, find something about that person you didn't like and file a complaint.

    Tell the Kansas City Royals to drop "Mizzou Day at the K." Or you will not attend any more games.

    Call the State of Missouri Office of Administration and demand that they stop collaborating with MU to offer State Employee Discounts to select MU sporting events.

    Find out which businesses offer MU Alumni Association discounts to members and demand they cease or you will stop patronizing them.

    Call MoDOT headquarters and demand that they stop collaborating with MU to sponsor the "Annual Traffic & Safety Conference" held each year in Columbia. This event draws hundreds of MoDOT employees for what is really a taxpayer-funded "vacation".

    Most of the MoDOT employees who attend this are licensed engineers just go solely to get their legally required professional development credits to maintain licensure.

    Speaking of licensed engineers, if you find out one is an MU grad, find out something you don't approve of and file a complaint against their license with the Missouri Licensing Board.

    Call the Missouri State Highway Patrol and demand that they stop using state taxpayer dollars to provide traffic control and security at MU sporting events. Let the campus and local cops do that. Don't make the rest of the state pay for it.

    Call your elected representatives and demand that no more federal or state contracts be awarded to MU for any projects or research.

    Call the NBC network and tell them to drop KOMU-TV (Columbia affiliate owned and operated by MU School of Journalism) as a network affiliate or you will stop watching NBC and patronizing their sponsors.

    Tell the Truman VA Hospital on the MU campus to cease their affiliation with the University.

    Please feel free to add to this list and pass this along to your friends and family.

  10. Why cancel an election just because candidates expose their prejudices through social media? Isn't that how we elect presidents now? No more dog whistles, bring on the train horns calling all bigots, and bigots vote! I love freedom of speech. Tell me who you are, so that I know.

  11. Kansas City is a KU city, why are we wasting time with an SEC school ?

  12. Would never send my kid to MU.
    MU has nothing to learn from.

  13. Why don't we start calling our state reps in Jefferson City and DEMANDING that MoDOT pukes like that obnoxious Joseph Turner be fired and stripped of his engineering license?

    Would anyone like to know how to find his home address on the state's licensee directory????

  14. News out of Mizzou is so laughable it goes from bad to worse.

    Pitiful just pitiful.

  15. OK, so you people talk all this talk about MU, but you will do nothing about the thousands of overpaid and unaccountable state workers, like MoDOT's "traffic light expert" Joseph Turner of the St. Joseph office, whom is universally hated in St. Joseph for his radical ideas, deplorable personality, and the fact he is a 2000 graduate of MU?

    Here's your chance to stand up, take action, and hold people like Turner accountable for who they are.

    Go to this page and register as many complaints as you can think of, and be sure to name him by name:

  16. So what did the tweets say? MU is just a dumpster fire these days.


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