Smaill Biz Killing Kansas City River Market Paid Parking Hot Mess Starts Today

Take a glimpse at local government and toy train architects chasing away all but the most dedicated consumers as they desperately work to make local transit schemes profitable . . .

River Market launches 4 paid lots in attempt to solve parking issues

People who live, work, visit or just wander into Kansas City's famed River Market will notice something new when they park their cars on Thursday. Starting Thursday, the parking lots around City Market will charge drivers who park there. The four lots surrounding the market will charge one dollar per hour, Monday thru Friday, from 7 a.m.


  1. More like an attempt at a money grab

  2. So the Streetcar is free but parking to ride it costs $1/hour. Good.

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  4. They should only charge for parking longer than 2 hours. It’s all people who drive you River Market just to ride the goddamn streecar, but now I can’t find parking if I want to shop or eat lunch there.

  5. Way nobody wants to stuff like the big twelve.


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