Saturday, March 10, 2018

Show-Me Union Crackdown Cont'd In Missouri

Whilst the "passion of the cuck" proves to be a perfect scandal to distract the public . . . The ongoing war against collective bargaining continues in Jefferson City . . . Here's a look at the "progress" and lower wages pushed by the GOP super-majority mostly out of the headlines:

Missouri House and Senate pass 41 bills this week as 2018 session's halftime approaches

House and Senate leaders are working on getting some key priorities wrapped up before lawmakers leave in a week for legislative spring break. This week, the House sent 20 bills to the Senate, while the upper chamber sent 21 to the House. But the lower chamber held off on sending one bill crucial to the Republican agenda.


Unknown said...

The union at my work place (VA) it's awful. They interfer with rightful reprimands, by managers, of unsafe nurses who endanger veterans welfare. They instruct their members to call in sick if they want they day off. This union of federal employees is part of the flooring of America

Anonymous said...

The unions also interefer with child labor and having to pay overtime SUCKS the BIG WAZOO!