Show-Me Snub: AG Hawley Doesn't Want Help From Disgraced Missouri Guv Greitens

The GOP contender for Senate and a campaign kick-off comes through Kansas City today but that's just a lame presser for d-bag "journalists" . . . Here's a gem that's hidden but far more fun . . . Behind the scenes GOP hateration continues as the rising star of the Missouri Republican party distances himself from the former solider under threat from a nasty "revenge pr0n" indictment. Take a peek:

Greitens likely won't campaign for Missouri Senate candidate Hawley

CLOSE JEFFERSON CITY (AP) - Missouri Republican Senate candidate Josh Hawley appears to be distancing himself from the state's embattled governor as he prepares to kick into full gear his campaign to unseat Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill. Hawley announced his candidacy in October, but so far he's been relatively absent from the campaign trail.


  1. Yes, Hawley must be pooping "Rabbit Pellets" at the thought of "Duct Tape" endorsing his campaign!

    Unfortunately, what he doesn't realize is that he already has that disgraceful Asswipe hanging as an anchor around his neck, and the GOP Gerrymandering of the State may not be enough to save his sorry ass.

  2. ^^^^^No he understands that losers like you will help him win because people will see you are against him and understanding what an asshole you are will then vote for who ever you're against.

  3. ^^Yes, just like I will vote against whoever you're for. Fucking rube. Hawley is a pillow-bitter from way back.

    1. He’s married with kids.

  4. ^^^ Voice of experience.

  5. anybody thinking this race might turn into mud-wrestling?

  6. Hawley needs to hang it up if he can't beat McCaskil.

  7. Beating an old cow can get you an Animal Abuse conviction.

  8. Well, wherever Hawley has been, since he's "been missing from the Campaign Trail", it sure as heck hasn't been in Jefferson City doing the Attorney General's job he was elected to o.
    He's been running for the Senate since the day after he was elected AG.


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