Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Show-Me Prez Trump Talking More Tax Cuts

Like it or not, the hometown crowd LOVES calling out government spending and the Commander-In-Chief gave them what they wanted. A round-up of today's visit . . . Take a look:

Trump promoting tax cuts, campaigning for GOP in Missouri

ST. LOUIS (AP) - President Donald Trump is in Missouri to promote the tax cuts he signed into law last year and campaign for Republican Senate candidate Josh Hawley. Trump will be touring a Boeing plant in St. Louis as part of his visit Wednesday. The facility produces Navy F/A-18s and Air Force F-15s.


Anonymous said...

Do democrats even know what a tax or entitlement cut is ???????????

Anonymous said...


Nope they don't!!!!!! They still think the democrats are for the working man!

Anonymous said...

it was tasteful and he was smart not to disturb the decorum with politicians.

there'll be time for mud-wrestling later.

Anonymous said...

He's got balls.

Bragging about the tax cuts that bring his family billions.

Stealing from taxpayers to benefit multinationals corporations & wall street while adding trillions to the debt.

Small business groups begging for changes because they fucked up the language in their rush to pass it in the middle of the night.

There are reasons why the bill is unpopular.

Anonymous said...

Not a dollar more in my paycheck due to Cadet Heel Spurs tax cuts. Nope. That's total bullshit for shills like Chuck Lowe and his KCC butt lickers.

Anonymous said...

A hundred bucks more a month, 401k up 35% yeah the democrats are screwed.

Anonymous said...

The market was up about "25%" last year before the tax cuts. It was up more in Obama's first year.

The market is down since Trump's tax cut kicked in. Record high long gone.

But you didn't know that. If your tax cut raise was only $25 bucks more a week, you don't make enough to be in the stock market anyway. You've got played by Trump and your boss.

But be thankful you didn't lose your "big raise" gambling in the market.