Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Show-Me Prez Trump Campaigning For GOP Contender AG Hawley In Missouri Today

Considering his overwhelming election win . . . The top politico in the land backing a challenge to Sen. McCaskill is a safe bet and a sign of "momentum" for a political noob who will visit Raytown today in his statewide campaign kick-off . . . Read more:

Trump comes to St. Louis for his third Missouri presidential visit

WASHINGTON * For President Donald Trump, there are few gray areas. People are for or against him, and the names on the two lists are often interchangeable by the issue, the day - even the hour.


Otto Didact said...

I knw which "list" I want my name on -PERMANENTLY!

DeBergerac said...

Yes, and in The Mikado, Ko-Ko "has a little list", too.

Ominous, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

will he have nice things to say about claire?

the real question may be whether this race eventually gets very muddy and descend to the tabloid level. seems like it could.

Anonymous said...

Is Roe working for Hawley? If so, there may be National Enquirer articles later in the campaign.

Anonymous said...

mccaskill is very, very worried. She's running very negative ads aimed a Hawley. A sure sign her internals are not good. Don't count her out, who the hell would ever have thought she'd get elected to the senate TWICE? But then they don't call it the Stupid Party without cause.

Anonymous said...

Trump campaigned for AL senate & lost.

Trump campaigned for PA house seat & lost.

Please, come on in.