Show-Me Guv Greitens Attack On 'Liberals' Amid Dearth Of Missouri GOP Support

Fact is, the super-minority Democratic Party couldn't force him out if they wanted to . . . In his time of crisis, The Guv is actually confronting a challenge from his own party which regards him as an outsider opportunist looking to challenge the traditional Show-Me State 'good ol' boy' network . . . But here's the spin so that low-rent plebs can fight each other on fakebook.

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Indicted Missouri governor to run radio ad warning of liberals 'hell-bent' on stopping his agenda

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, who was indicted on a felony charge last month, is showing no sign that he will back down in the face of the scandal, running a radio ad this weekend touting his conservative mission and saying he "won't stop until the mission is complete."


  1. Pretty much says it all, "the good ole boys" are sending a message "outsiders" need not apply. Bunch of CRONY CAPITALISTS. As for those NUT JOB Bolsheviks in STL, they can't win at the ballot box, so they're trying to overturn an election by means of a Beria Show Trial. Business as usual in a state that sent a DEAD guy's widow to the US senate. What the hell was the deal on that one?

  2. Having Governor Penis in charge makes perfectly good sense, whether he is an outsider or not. Your state is a shithole.

  3. Unqualified Screwup desperately trying to rally his "True Believers"!

    From the rant at 7:57, I'd say they're responding with kneejerk full volume squeals of hatred and fear, shame they won't be able to join him, but there's only so much room on a sinking ship.

    Still no word from his poor wife, she and the kids are still hiding, and I can't blame them.

  4. What is this jerks agenda, anyway?

  5. It’s all true, libtards are the death of this country

  6. What a dick.

  7. Chuck Schumer. That's a dick. sLIE, that's a dick. OK?

  8. ^^Your breath?? That's a dick too.

  9. Three separate investigations.
    The use of disappearing apps.
    He wanted lobbyists out... then hires them.
    Name calls his enemies liberals when in fact Republicans want him to resign.
    He is disrespectful to the Prosecutor.
    He is ruled against 3 times.
    Now wants The Missouri people to listen to his attack ads.
    Such denial.
    If he wants to know what clown is driving...a glance in any mirror should suffice for him.
    Celebrate April Fool’s Day however you should be renamed Greitens Day.

  10. Could this guy be any bigger dumpster fire?

  11. This whole circus over him getting a little strange, which practically every politician has done at one time or another, is not doing anything for conservative politics in Missouri.

    I feel bad for the guy in one respect because it's obvious the St. Louis prosecutor is a retard with a political agenda. Still, he ought to have better sense than to go trolling for tail in a city run controlled and corrupted by Democrats- especially if you're going to kick them to the curb, change parties and run for office as Republican.

    An awful lot of poor decision-making let up to the problems this guy is having today. Hey conservative or not you don't want a poor decision-maker holding the highest office in the state.

  12. He's clearly qualified to run for President.

  13. 9:58 Damn, you started drinking early today, then again maybe you're still going from last night? Is that you or the booze talking?

  14. Hawley just gave a National interview saysing the Greitens situation is Grave.
    You have to feel sorry for the Missouri people- and the family.
    Greitens has brought thisbon himself... with all the investigation people looking into alleged wrongdoings.
    He said he won’t resign... only a person who cares about the Missourians would quit and take the pressure of the people.
    Look for a resignation at some point... hopefully sooner than later.

  15. The three investigations appear to be on point.
    The National interview did happen.
    The question remains:
    What evidence will be presented and what screen shots were saved?

  16. I think his agenda was to get laid.

  17. The governor's sick abusive criminal behavior is what stalled his agenda.

    What happened to taking a little personal responsibility for your own actions? Stop blaming others for your own mistakes.

    He's just another Greedy Old Pervert in a party full of them.

  18. All the elected officials wasting tax payer money on this waste of time private matter should be ran out of office. You were elected to improve the state and represent your districts, get back to your elected job.

  19. Our political scandals are resembling Italy...or starting to, anyway.


  20. Good for Grietens! It's time to fight back!

  21. Hard to realize 3 different investigations from 3 different entities.
    The charity email gig should mean some serious jail time.
    Disappearing Messaging apps for anything is just asking for trouble... should avoid any look of impropriety.
    Depending on what messages or communication the mistress kept...the little guy between gov ducktape’s might get the man in the mirror some more time to reflect on where it all went wrong. Former Gov. Blagojevich can help give him someone to Confide in.

  22. 2:25 Nails it! If you're not part of the Good Ole Boys Network don't run as a Republican in Missouri. reflect on Chris Koster, the "Boys" wouldn't let him have the AG nomination so Koster jumped parties and kicked their asses as a Democrat. The Dems. just wanted a winner. Greitens was the only hope the Repubs. had to defeat Koster for the State House and this is how they repay him. Then there is mccaskill, the "Boys" would rather lose the seat and have her in the senate that let Sarah Steelman have it. This whole episode is nothing but a sham to get rid of someone that's not part of the "Gang".

  23. Must be a helluva a difficult year for you DUMBED DOWN USEFUL IDIOTS. Still mourning the Crooked Hillary DEFEAT and Greitens winning the Governor's race. Damn if only we can overturn those elections.........

  24. Wrong is wrong. To defend wrong is just more wrong.
    Laws were broken and the piper will be paid.
    The fact that Republicans want him to resign and waved their middle finger to his budget today speaks volumes.
    The wheels are falling off the clown car.

  25. The bigger question is, was the photo a nice ass shot or titty pic ?

  26. Funny how just because these cunt hat wearing bitches have their mens nads in a vice everyone elses should be too.


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