Show-Me AG Hawley Sacrificing Embattled Sancho Guv Greitens For Senate Run

There are all kinds of ways to throw people under the bus . . . This is actually a skillful example:

Hawley turned aside the question of whether Greitens should resign, but said: "This is a tough situation for the state. I think the gravity of this is very, very plain. … The situation's very grave."


Hawley, in nationally televised interview, calls Greitens questions `very grave'

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley on Wednesday told a national television audience that possible campaign violations involving a charity founded by Gov. Eric Greitens are "very grave" and "a tough situation for the state" - the latest indication that Hawley is distancing himself from his scandal-besieged fellow Republican.


  1. Poor Little Joshie looks like he's about to cry, doesn't he? I feel sorry for him, he's having a hard time of it right now.

    First he has to accept the demeaning lower position of Attorney General as his entry-level political office (thank goodness he hasn't had to waste any of his valuable campaigning time actually DOING anything), then when he's actually in the running for a position more worthy of his IMMENSE talents, he finds himself with not one, but THREE Millstones hung around his neck!

    He's faced with yet another do-nothing GOP-led Congress, too busy squabbling among themselves to accomplish anything, plus an out-of-control Egomaniac spinning his wheels in the White House, and on top of that, an Idiot with absolutely no skills or morality in the Governorship, the position Joshie is SURE he should have had!

    And the only one he can try to distance himself from is the least important, the Idiot!

    Almost looks as if he made a mistake in ignoring the job he was elected to do, doesn't it? Perhaps if he had acted as AG rather than leaving his staff struggling to accomplish things with no leadership, he might have built up a reputation and base of support. But now all he has is minor financial support from the Kemper/Sinquefield the shaky GOP gerrymandered control of Missouri's voters, and the shrinking number of "true Believers".

  2. Tired of the questions about MO Gov.
    He makes up his mind and sticks to it except:
    1. Was a Democrat- Now a Republican
    2. No Lobbyists! Hires lobbyists.
    3. Is Married. Takes a break.
    4. Is Totally Transparent. Used Confide App.
    5. Transparent. Avoids the media... (chicken)
    6. Has agenda for progress. His own party rejects it.

    Govenor Ducktape?
    Governor Flip-Flop.

  3. A must read on Greitens own party having enough of his bullying:

    Missouri lawmakers send message to Eric Greitens: We don’t need you- KC Star Headline

    Even if he were to keep his job- he is the lamest duck ever. Missouri will do better with or without him- he succeeded in Uniting both parties... against him.

  4. Well, I guess if you read in the "Star", then you can take it to the bank? You bunch of SISSIES are in for a difficult 2018, Senator Hawley and Governor Greitens, yeah, that's the ticket. You DUMMIES didn't have any problem with Chris Koster switching parties and winning the AG's office for you losers. Hell, but for Greitens he'd be Governor today.


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