Push Back Against Olathe HOA

Credit where it's due . . . Our blog community shared important feedback against this newspaper story of suburban despotism . . .

"HOAs are often out of control or rather under the control of maniacal cranks who missed out being on the student council in school and are now seeking revenge by bullying other people.

"Clearly, some recourse outside of the court room is needed for innocent passerby homeowners under the thumb of tyrannical HOAs."

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His HOA refused to open its books for him. Now he's sharing his story to help others.

Scott Wircenske's eight-year battle with his HOA started with a simple request. The Parkhill Manor Homes Association had just awarded a property management contract to one of its own board members, and the Olathe homeowner wanted to know whether the job had been put out for a bid.


  1. Yeah, regular people often have a hard time with fascist hoa personalities or cranky old people who have time to be on hoas.

    Some kind of arbiter who's not a judge in an expensive legal process is needed.

    The lawyers don't like this because they want employment.

    But hapless homeowners can really be victimized by unreasonable hoas and their lawyers, being paid by the hoas.

  2. most normal folks don't want to be on an HOA.

  3. Some of those in HOAs are just like politicians - they crave power and control. You see it in all kinds of organizations, from PTAs to churches. But none of these can compare to the ruthlessness of a politician.

  4. No, this man is not "trying to help others".

    He is the Joco incarnation of Clay Chastain.

    A busybody. Even when he won, he can't let it go.

    And the gullible STAR, seeing a chance to boost the clicks for a story they did in 2016, ran with it!


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