Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pr0n Hustler Larry Flynt Shut Out Of Missouri Execution Investigation By High Court

The celebrated smut peddler was shut out in his rather important crusade to investigate the controversial and often secretive manner that the state kills people. Read more:

Court Says Hustler Publisher Larry Flynt Not Entitled To Missouri Execution Records

Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt has lost his bid to unseal documents over Missouri's execution protocol. A federal appeals court on Tuesday ruled that the safety of members of Missouri's execution team, as well as the state's interest in carrying out its executions, overcame the general presumption that the public should have access to judicial records.


Anonymous said...

Did not know the guy that discovered shaved clam was still causing trouble. Go get 'em Larry.

Anonymous said...

Larry Flynt another Degenerate Hilly supporter, figures, shows how stupid he is !

Not to forget how much trouble that dufus is in with his screwed up Casino's out west , and all the other problems he's involved in !

California is after his ass for all kinds of shit !