Most local biz writing is garbage but a report on a recent tech discussion regarding Kansas City culture and history is worth a glimpse.

Check #TBT inspiration from a local tech pioneer who started his own company and currently employs 300 people . . .

“Let’s stop talking about yesterday. Let’s stop talking about what it used to be like. Let’s stop talking about how we used to feel. Let’s stop talking about where we came from. I don’t care where we came from anymore,” Neal Sharma, DEG co-founder and CEO said. “Let’s pretend Jan. 1, 2018, was Day Zero for the rest of Kansas City’s life and let’s start only talking about what we’re gonna do next. The No. 1 attribute of a person or a city or community with confidence is not talking about what they did back in the old days or where they came from. That’s insecurity, by the way. It’s talking about what they’re going to do next.”

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IXKC: Want top talent in KC? Stop talking about yesterday (Photos)

Kansas City already has what it takes to recruit and keep top talent, Neal Sharma told Wednesday's Innovation Exchange crowd. What the metro seems to lack is the confidence to boast about itself, he added.


  1. Hey listen, it IS about the past, because that trajectory steers the future. It is the physics of government, until there is disruptive change nothing will change.

    KC couldn't even get short listed for Amazon HQ2 !!! But our peer cities of Indianapolis, Nashville and Columbus did. Along with an embarrassing AND CORRUPT single terminal process and $35 million of tax payer CASH just simply handed to an INEXPERIENCED hotel developer, countless subsidies given to Cerner - with no required MBWE goals, and a sham routing of the street car line... these type of things send huge messages to people that want to invest in our community and do business here. The message it sends? KC is still a novice tier three city posing as big city. KC is a cow town.

    Everyone thinks the city manager is doing a fantastic job. He is at the epicenter of all this bad decision making and process. He put all these ventures into play. Troy Schlulte is learning on the job at the expense AND REPUTATION of the our city. Lets move him along and hire an experienced city manager that already knows what hes doing. Change the city manager and watch things take off. When that happens I will gladly help to further our local tech scene, until then I am not wasting my time with this cow town and its corrupt and naive city manager - and the silly city council members who allow this to happen. They are so blind and lack such perspective. I am embarrassed for them and our city.

    1. Correct! You can’t talk about recruiting tech talent on the heels of losing a place on the AMAZON HQ2 shortlist. Indianapolis, Nashville and Columbus likely will not win the final selection, but they will get tremendous mileage in the future out of their shortlist selection. How can KC compete against these city’s now.

    2. Mayor James spent too much time on his crazy gimmick buying and rating things on Amazon. He should have been focused not on winning, but being shortlisted for Amazon HQ2.

  2. So Kansas City tech is all about forgoing traditions? Yeah, tide pods and gentrification is what we need more of.

  3. It’s possible to have roots and wings, Mr. Sharma.

  4. Just more TED Talk hype and buzz from the latest "tech entrepreneur".
    What's the latest hashtag "I'm going to change the world" today?
    KCMO government is an insider's joke with a little band of wannabes constantly congratulating themselves about their "accomplishments" that would be laughed at in any competently managed organization.
    KCMO drags down the entire region with its incompetence and embarrassing antics.
    And a quick glance at the roster of mayoral candidates will show that change IS NOT on the way.
    If you can make it here, you'll make it anywhere!


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