No Consequences For Social Workers After Youngsters After Youngsters Die In Kansas

A slew of high profile cases involving horrific deaths haven't changes much for the deep-state in Topeka. Read more:

After child tragedies, Kansas social workers rarely lose their license

A review of five years of disciplinary actions by the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board that licenses social workers shows it has issued few sanctions after high-profile episodes of child deaths or injuries involving the Department for Children and Families.


  1. Do the Police lose their "licenses" after there is another Gang Killing in KC?

    You want to protect Children, sterilize Welfare Moms, Crack Hos, Mud Sharks and Mud Whales!

    How about the Death Penalty for any form of Child Abuse?

    If "Civilization" can't protect it's children, what's it for?

  2. only children in the womb matter.

  3. What might work better would be removing the penises of fathers and sterilizing mothers who are complicit in the baby machine that generates handouts and no values for future adult Americans.


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