Newsflash: Dead-Tree Media Endorses Rigged Secret Toy Train Streetcar Election

Here's the newspaper touting the agenda of a Mayoral Administration that has granted EPIC tax breaks on their behalf while the rest of KCMO waits in vain to see the benefit of this transit line and it's scheme to undermine local Democracy. Checkit:

Vote 'yes' to extend Kansas City streetcar line to UMKC

Kansas City voters have a important opportunity this month to build on the success of the downtown streetcar line. During the next few weeks, voters will decide whether to expand the streetcar system and more than double the length of the route that now runs from River Market to Union Station.


  1. Toot toot. Ka-ching! Hoot. Clunk.

  2. People who mistakenly think their vote counts - wake up. The only thing that makes a difference is a very large pile of cash. Voters lose, taxpayers lose, ordinary people like you lose.

  3. The star will cash in on this endorsement somehow.

  4. ^^^Yawn. Dull comments from a dullard3/5/18, 9:22 PM

    ^^^Yawn. Dull comments from a dullard

  5. The Star editorial board members make sure they lick Sly’s fat smelly asshole every chance they get and they have no integrity whatsoever.

  6. Hmmmmm. 9:22's got brown stains on that big mouth and looong tongue. And, hella halitosis. Yuk!

  7. Yaack^^^^^ 9:22 flosses with the Sly's ass hairs.

  8. When the KC Star pays it's taxes at 100% versus their tax reduced status I'll think about their advice being non partial.
    Also their endorsement smacks against the position that KC voters took when they passed the restrictions on streetcar expansion.
    This is an illegal election.


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