Thursday, March 08, 2018

More Than A Handful Of Kansas City News

Tonight we consider the White House in the midst of a tabloid deluge over the threat of a veteran pr0n star show & tell-all . . . Closer to home, we've got our share of problems as well.

Take a look:

Kansas City B-Ball Fact Check

Kansas City ranks among the worst for college basketball fans - Kansas City Business Journal

Basketball fans are flocking to Kansas City this week for the Big 12 Men's Basketball Championship. And while there's plenty of basketball buzz right now, one thing that might be surprising is that Kansas City ranks among the worst for fan engagement.

Fear KCMO Fatal Family Drama

KCMO man convicted for killing uncle in 2017

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man has been found guilty of killing his uncle in a 2017 shooting. Tirrell A. Middleton, 37, was charged with second-degree murder, armed criminal action and unlawful possession of a firearm. Prosecutors say Middleton killed his uncle, Samuel Lloyd, on April 2, 2017 at 4400 block of Norwood Ave in Kansas City, Missouri.

Golden Ghetto Tax Uprising Underway

'We're going to protest.' JoCo residents at forum on home values

More than 80 people filled a public forum room Wednesday night, concerned about the skyrocketing residential appraisal increases hitting their Johnson County homes. "It went up significantly, just this year," Brian Sisney said about the county's valuation for his Overland Park home.

Help Find This #TBT Dude

KC police look for missing and endangered 78-year-old man

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police are looking for 78-year-old Billy Enloe who was last seen Wednesday, March 7. Officers said Enloe was possibly driving to Harrisonville, Missouri. Family contacted him around 5:30 p.m., and he told them he was lost. Then his phone died, according to police.

Ax These Hipsters About Biz Success

Axing status quo: Swell Spark builds experiences from West Bottoms HQ

Human interaction is about more than texting and social media posts, said Matt Baysinger, co-founder and CEO of Swell Spark. "One of the best things in life is sharing a meal together, but sharing a meal together is only as good as the conversation you get to have over that meal," Baysinger said.

Local Good Deets For Troops

KC man builds lodge for veterans battling PTSD

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The sounds of the battlefield are often triggers for the post-traumatic stress disorder that veterans bring back home after their service. A Kansas City man, who isn't a veteran himself, wants to provide a place for veterans struggling to escape that burden - at least for a little while.

It's Always The KC Hipster Weekend

Snake Saturday & Other Weekend Possibilities

Jeff Stehney has long maintained that he won't open another Joe's Kansas City, but that doesn't mean he's done experimenting with smoked meats and barbecue. In the past several years, he's gone back on the competitive barbecue circuit and now has a new concept featuring his barbecue. County Road Ice House (100 E.

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I see ax murders on the rise, that’ll be the next thing to try and ban!

ta basque co said...

god damn, are we running out of things to fill idle time with? the things these axe break out room guys do are stuff for kindergartners , have a fun maze then talk to each other using big people words,,,, you could speak with people for free,,,, is this supposed to be our innovative city,, making rubes feel good about themselves or like theyre connected in a superfical manner?

Anonymous said...

@7:51PM-I see dumb mother fuckers posting are on the rise. We need to ban them!