Monday, March 05, 2018

More Deets On Golden Ghetto Murder Mommy

Tonight here's a tragic mugshot and scary description of a lady who ALLEGEDLY poisoned her youngsters according to police. Take a look:

HOSPITAL: Kids allegedly drugged by mother would have died without help

OLATHE, Kan. - Court documents released Monday say a Johnson County mom was nearly successful in killing at least two of her children last month. Therese Roever faces three counts of attempted capital murder for allegedly drugging her three children on February 19.


Anonymous said...

Fortunately she will be tried by competent prosecutors. If this happened in Jackson County, Jean Petersucker Baker would probably drop the charges. Jean Petersucker Baker is the most worthless prosecutor ever.

Anonymous said...

who was the court-appointed psychologist supervising this situation?

Anonymous said...

Mr.Yawn. Dull comments from a dullard was on the job.