Midtown Kansas City Teachable Moment: New Gentry Demands Charter School Diversity

Typically, the Pitch offers the soft sell on local education initiatives . . . Middle-class midtowners coming back to the urban core want diversity on their terms which is kinda nice . . . OR it's just another example of progressive setting up their youngsters and everyone else for FAIL amid a dream world they've created. Checkit: Families that once fled the Kansas City school district are staying put. But it's on their terms.


  1. These exceptions are too few to rave about progress.

    Most white parents want their kids in all-white and affluent school districts. This is the Kansas City way. Never going to change. Quality of life in JoCo and Blue Springs and Lee's Summit is too good to pass up for most.

  2. White people want their kids to get a good education, kcmosd is the biggest joke and that’s why big business won’t come here, plus they know sLIE abuses the taxpayers here and they don’t want their employees treated like that

  3. A rising tide lifts all boats - if white students and FAMILIES push for high quality education, that means minority students may share in the upgrades. All districts from JoCo have increasing minority enrollment. Same goes for other suburbs like Blue Springs, Lee's Summit, North Kansas City, etc. As long as ALL FAMILIES demand quality education, this should benefit the entire metro area.

    1. Private schools are the ones that are going to flourish. When the number of minorities gets too high in the better burbs, more white families will opt for private schools.

  4. You should see the schools in Dallas. So much worse bro. I'm just sayin.

  5. 8:56 you cant demand better education in kcmosd, the blacks can barely read or write when they leave school now, it has been dumbed down to a level so they can pass or they’ll get sued! Lmao!


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