Meth Town Murder Or Suicide?!?!

Independence Police CONSTANTLY brag about their 100% rate in solving homicide cases this local family contradicts that claim. Read more:

Independence family says police botched their daughter's death investigation

An Independence family says police botched their daughter's death investigation. Detectives say it's suicide, but her family calls it a murder. They contacted KCTV5 News Investigations when they felt like they were getting nowhere fast with the people who were supposed to get to the truth.


  1. Apperently she hung out with scum.

    Round up the Meth Heads and put em in camps...its the final solution.

  2. Thanks KCTV for telling us what the whole planet already knows, that the Independence police are incompetent clowns. I mean, everyone knows that. Fuck, they even shoot each other, they are so imcompetent. The clown police department is the biggest reason Indepedence is such a total drug infested shithole

  3. Probably Jackyl Da Ripper again.

  4. Ranking up there with the KCMO Dufuses !!!!!!

  5. i had a dream last night i threw a meth head into a wall and his head popped off. I felt a little bad in the dream, so i kicked his head over toward his body in case it could dream re-attach itself. is that terrible?

  6. Meth is terrible, it kills, must be terrible to see a family member lost to such a uselessness. Greer is dead, issue moot, unless she really was not a meth head.

  7. dream interpretation: meth causes severe brain damage. How much is reversible is debatable.


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