Monday, March 05, 2018

McNasty: South Kansas City Foodie Report

Quick service consequences in the Southland amid sparse dining options and a population that increasingly depends on the dollar menu. Checkit:

New documents explain why 4 KC McDonald's locations closed

New documents from the Kansas City Missouri Health Department explain why four area McDonald's were closed last week. The health department released several pages of notices, and they explain the locations - all run by the same owner - lacked proper food handling cards.


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GOOD MORNING KILLA CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Having worked for the City and knowing how the Health Department operates, I have a question.
Did 90% of the employees actually NOT HAVE Food Handler Cards, or were those Cards kept in a central location rather than on site?

In the first instance, it would seem highly unlikely that 90% of the employees at four locations could be trained quickly enough to allow the places to reopen as soon as they did.

If however, (as the Owner claims,) the Cards existed but were in a Central Location rather than in the Restaurant itself, is that a serious enough offense to warrant closure? It seems logical that this was the case, since the locations were allowed to reopen so soon.

Based on my familiarity with the City Health Department, it seems highly logical that an order came from an upper level in the Department to "shut them down", most probably because someone at that higher level did not receive a "little envelope" that was thick enough!

The Pendergast era City Department Heads were "pikers" compared to today's greedy Bastards!

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^^^^^ I'll go with what I know. McDonalds are filthy in just about any city you go to.