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Reader suggestion of an impressive bit of writing chronicling the metro mommy life and so many slights suffered daily by the denizens of the upper-middle-class . . . Checkit:

We Grew Up in a Really Small Town.

It is 6:00 and I'm making dinner. My youngest is whining and refusing to eat her dinner (no surprise) and she needs a bath. Her older siblings are outside in the backyard jumping on our trampoline with five or six other neighborhood kids.


  1. She should have thought about all this before she got knocked up so many times.

  2. ^^Your mother should have aborted you. You grew up to be worthless.

  3. ^^^^^Bitch, STFU

  4. If she thinks her life is rough, wait until they are teenagers.

  5. What self-absorbed dreck. I, I, I, me, me, me. Yawn. Talk about something besides yourself once in a while, if your thoughts venture out that far.

  6. What a story? Salmon and sweet potatoes, fresh cut grass(in March), kids playing outside in windy, cold conditions without socks. She forgot the zanex and wine.

  7. She needs to manage the hired help better.

  8. Erin is a gifted writer. I hope she finds more work. Not sure if she has long term depression or not.

    But gosh by golly, if I was the victim of spousal abuse, (inferred from her support of Safehome, no actual knowledge), and found myself with three little kids and no fulltime job, living next to clueless neighbors, well, that would certainly contribute at least to SITUATIONAL depression!

    I would say this, and I know it's co-dependent, but here is what I would tell you if you were MY relative. Get rid of the trampoline. Immediately. Your kids are not trained nor supervised, so it is medically dangerous. They don't need expensive lifelong neck injuries. (Ask any chiropractor.) And I'm betting you don't have a legal release form you require to be signed by the clueless neighbors--so their kids should NEVER be using it.

    (We had one neighbor in my HOA who had a trampoline, and quickly got rid of theirs. Legal forms only protect you so far.)

    I'm sure you meant well when you bought it. You can't "buy" friends for your kids with a legally proven "attractive nuisance". Is your yard fenced?? You're just asking for a lawsuit when one neighbor kid sneaks over and uses it, breaks their neck and the parents sue you.

    Bless your heart. Good luck.

  9. Been Around the Block in Suburbia3/7/18, 11:23 AM

    Tracy's right on this one.

    This Mom needs to have many more boundaries. She is afraid to serve dinner for fear of her kids being mad at her.

  10. I don't know about "good writer". She rambled about something I know as life, and ended with a vague sentence about a neighbor who said they had never known anything about depression, and now she won't talk to them anymore. Wha? I'm not sure how she got from here to there. So, have some unsolicited advice from me as well. Kids and trampolines, to echo the above, DON'T MIX. There are far too many chances for serious injury even with constant observation. Don't think for an instance that that tiny $5,000 medical rider on your homeowner's insurance will pay for squat (barely an ambulance ride these days). Next, were you really blindsided by what life with kids was going to be like? I went in to having kids knowing full well that my previous life of "me" would go right out the window. You have three, I have twice that, all young. I guarantee chaos in my house destroys yours. Thing is, we don't complain about it. We're both from intermediate to large families and knew the deal. Our goal is not to be our kids' "friend", my only goal is to create successful well-adjusted adults who produce further successful offspring. We also have some straight-up socialist old-ass neighbors. I don't agree with a single thought they have politically; their political position literally wants to take everything I've busted my hump for. But, they're old folk and I'll always lend a hand when they need it. Same with the drug dealer on the other side. He knows my boundaries and I have no qualms helping him either. Being "neighborly" even lead him to make more effort on cleaning up his yard. Geez I sound like a douche.

  11. She goes running for the shelter of her mommas little helper.

  12. Good for Erin. She penned a great post that reminds us to try and be nice to our neighbors. Nothing wrong with that!


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