Lesson Learned: Kansas Politicos Smack Down Gun Control Despite Student Protest

Call it a Red State reality check and realization that one skip day didn't change much . . . Read more:

Kansas lawmakers reject gun control measures after students protest violence

Kansas lawmakers rejected a series of gun control measures one by one on Thursday, the day after students nationwide walked out of class to protest school shootings. The sprawling debate demonstrated the Legislature remains solidly in favor of gun rights. A shooting in Parkland, Fla., killed 17 people last month.


  1. Blacks commit 80% or more of violent crimes.

    Ban blacks.

  2. Least Kansas has some lawmakers who have some common sense in understanding the issue isn't the gun. Now I hope they start dealing with what is the issue.

  3. Mentally ill blacks

  4. Why would anyone give a damn about a "Children's Crusade"? Nothing but a bunch of USEFUL IDIOTS. But it does say a lot about the potential future of the USA, if these children are stupid enough to fall for this gun control rubbish. Then as Dick Marcinko said: "DOOM ON US!"

  5. ^^Nah just you pops. Every generation hates the one that follows it. Dummies like you have been saying the same nonsense for generations. Just geezers faced with their own mortality and lashing out! Good news though pops, you won't be around to see it so take solace in that!

  6. I pity the generation that has followed me.

    1. Hey, there's hope for America's greatness if there are enough youth like Andy Dalsin. He's a New Prague, MN high school senior who carried his sign: "GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE." during Wednesday's walkout at his school.

      Then, early in the line-up for the March, the a**hole fascist principal, Lonnie Seifert, demanded the sign's removal (captured on a witness' phone vid). He threatened Dalsin would be put in a police car if Andy
      continued debating about and displaying the sign (per student witnesses nearby).

      Later, explanation was given to media that Andy didn't have the required approval for his sign. It was stated that district policy is for signs had to be submitted for approval at least 24 hours in advance. Other students stated they hadn't submitted their signs 24 hours prior to the walkout. Those signs that were carried throughout the entire walkout, displayed: "ARM OUR TEACHERS", which can be viewed as pro-gun about as much as Andy's sign.

      Andy wanted to continue to show his sign and was forced off of school property, where he held up and onto his FREE SPEECH rights!

      Lonnie Seifert the NAZI Sucks!!!

  7. ^^Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. This demonstration was sold to the press as a 17 minute tribute to those lives lost in Florida. However as the lying ass libtards usually do it was all a lie and as soon as the kids exited teh school here came the liberal politicians to uses these dumb fuck kids as pawns in their political agenda. Do these bastards have one ounce of fucking shame?


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